Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

I love posting photos on holidays, it makes it so easy to see how much people change and grow every year. Check out last year's post--Otto wasn't even walking yet...I might have cried a little when watching the video. I'm blaming hormones and the fact that my baby is so big.

Chris with his babies before church this morning!

Daddy and Otto sporting their matching faux-hawks:)
And Meredith with a bow in her hair! I couldn't get the headband to stay on, it kept slipping off, so we used a bow with an alligator clip. It stayed in all morning, the girl really has some impressive hair!
The kiddo's got their Dad a couple of new ties for work and dress shirt to wear with them. Otto helped wrap and unwrap them:)
We upgraded our phones today as well so Chris has been dictating things to Suri all afternoon. It's made me do a double take several times, I've assumed he was talking to me. 'Remind me to call so and so tomorrow. Send a text message to my wife'.  Pretty neat little gadget:)

While we were at the Apple store a lady asked how old are our babies. I replied with their ages; 22 months and six weeks. That answer earned me a 'Bless you heart!' Why yes, my heart is very, very blessed. I have such an amazing little family and my kids have a wonderful father. Love you very much Chris!

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