Friday, June 8, 2012

Five Weeks Three Days

Thanks for all the encouragement about nursing. She's doing a little better, slowly transitioning out of the newborn grumpiness, which seems to be making most of the change. We brought back the bottle, because getting her significant nourishment is important to me, I don't like questioning if she is full or not. So right now we nurse, and if she isn't satisfied I pump immediately and give it to her in a bottle. Generally she will only take about an ounce, so I assume she is getting about two ounces out on her own. (She will take a three ounce bottle.) Most days she only needs to be supplemented once. This is also helping maintain my supply. She does the best when we nurse in a quiet, dark room with no distractions. Sadly, this can really only happen at night because her older brother would be swinging from the ceiling fan if I left him unsupervised. 

Meredith is changing so rapidly. Everyday she becomes more animated and her awake periods get a little longer. Definitely calls for an awake photo shoot!

She's turning into a little flirt:) This morning she even stopped eating to grin at me! Now, I absolutely love the smiles, but good grief girlfriend, eat already! I think she must be an eat-to-live person, not living-to-eat like her Momma. Look at that smile!
All of her faces are the best, and we're seeing more and more every day.
The poor chicklet is still battling the baby acne, and now a little cradle cap:( With Otto we tried everything to get rid of it--dandruff shampoo, baby oil--nothing really worked. My sister recommended coconut oil and we're giving it a try tonight. Hopefully it works wonders!

She tried a little tummy time this morning, but wasn't very amused. Baby torture!
Ever present pacifier in the foreground. If we take it away she starts chewing on her fingers, so it's staying.
She's doing great!...for about three seconds;)

A comparison just for fun. 

Meredith at five weeks three days. 
And Otto, four weeks five days.
 Same co-sleeper, different angles. He has a couple of inches and several pounds on her, completely different kids!


  1. have you tried monistat for the cradle cap?

    1. An antifungal...makes sense. I'll add that to the list of cures to try, thanks!

  2. I second the coconut oil. Not sure what it's in it, but it seems to take care of A LOT of issues. I'd try that before monistat... I'm leary about putting those kinds of chemicals on a baby.

    Funny that she doesn't like tummy time, all my babies loved it, and wouldn't sleep any other way. (shhhhhhh don't tell the ped... I'd get a lecture on SIDS lol) And my youngest is 2. :-) All healthy!

    Keep up the good work Lydia!