Sunday, May 6, 2012


I promised myself that I would be better this time at documenting people who came to meet our new little person...of course I then immediately forgot to take pictures of my Dad and Abbey with Meredith while they were here. :( The only pictures I got were with my phone!
Meredith relaxing with her MG

Aunt Abbey!
So, when Angela arrived on Friday to spend the weekend I made sure to break out the big camera and take pictures!
Aunt Lala, Otto, and the Doslet!

Angela was very sweet and entertained our big kid and made him feel special. He is doing great, but getting a new sister is a big adjustment. They played with the newly hung swing, blew bubbles, and mowed the back yard about fifty times;)
Meredith and Angela
My Mom is coming up tomorrow and I am leaving the camera out so I won't forget to take pictures. Hopefully seeing it every time I walk past the kitchen counter works!

(Is it odd that in my head I still call Meredith, Baby Dos or Dosie? Sarah, next time you give one of my kids a gestational name just go ahead a pick one that we can put on the birth certificate!)

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  1. Of course!

    *rubs hands together* Part one of my evil plan is complete!

    (FWIW, Dosie is a super cute family nickname)