Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Two Weeks Old

Meredith is two weeks old! It's amazing how long it takes babies to get here, but then the time seems to fly by; she's getting big fast.

To celebrate her first two weeks we had a little party and invited Augie to visit. Here they are together, Augie is one day shy of a month older than Meredith and is a beast! Jenny has done a great job plumping him up:)
Meredith thought he was quite handsome and snuggled right up...her Dad hasn't seen these pictures yet, but I'm sure they will be having a little talk later:)

At two weeks, Miss Meredith is changing rapidly. She tries to focus on her big brother and will turn her head to look at him, either from interest or self preservation. She also loves her Daddy's voice and will stare at him when they cuddle. The pacifier is a win, which just blows my mind. A baby that takes a pacifier? Win! She sneezes like her Dad, loud and direct. When she is tired the swaddle is a must and she prefers the cradle hold, any other position generally will garner a growl. Other than the growling she's very lady like, burping makes her sad. This week she lost her umbilical stump (eleven days) and today we completed the second half of her PKU screen. (If we have another baby Chris will be going to that appointment, I hate them! Baby torture, the people that do the heel sticks must be dead inside.) She seems so much bigger already, the only reason I would have liked a two week appointment pediatric would be to track how fast she's growing.

Aunt Sarah has been taking lots of great pictures, I'm so excited to see them! Tonight we went back to the park where we took Meredith's bump pictures and took the after shots. They are going to be great! Here is a side view of a set-up she did this afternoon, how cute is my little hungry caterpillar?!


  1. How fun is this TWO babies with a head full of hair! ! Meredith & Augustine are adorable and I KNOW you ladies are loving life & praising God!

  2. * oh and the subliminal message for the hungry caterpillar is "you are what you eat!"

  3. We are!! I can't believe how wonderful babies are : ) Lydia-- She is amazing!!

  4. What a beauty... she needs to stay awake long enough to capture a pic awake.

    You don't need a dr's visit to get her weight and height. tape measure (for clothing), and a baby scale will work. You can find a baby scale online.

    Are you going to share her birth story?

  5. That is so cute, I can't wait to see the rest of the shoot. Beautiful, beautiful baby girl :)