Wednesday, May 23, 2012


We spent the morning with Sloane, Will, and their mom Sarah! It was a pretty successful outing; it only took two hours to get out of the house--ha!

The guys got to play outside, and Meredith met her new bestie, Miss Sloane. Sarah fed us lunch and sent us home just in time for naps:) Great morning!

Pretty Sloane; she is getting so big! Almost sitting up and is such a happy baby. She was all smiles and didn't mind when Otto gave her kisses:)
Will loves to mow just like Otto, they had a few moments of questioning who's turn it was but worked out their differences very nicely for boys who are not quite two.
They had a great time playing together. At one point I went to check on them while they were playing in Will's room and found them mixing up an imaginary dinner and feeding each other bites:)
They also managed to scale the dining room table and eat the strawberries from lunch, stems and all! Definitely a handful, Sarah and I were questioning how mother's of twins do it!

Thank you for having us guys, we had fun!

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