Monday, May 21, 2012

Pictures from Our Day

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Today was a good day, they all are really:) Meredith, after struggling to fall asleep last night, had a stretch of sleep that lasted five hours and fifteen minutes! She has been sleeping in three hour chunks at best at night, so this was a very welcome change for me:) Over the last week she has been having long wake periods at night lasting about an hour and a half, and last night she was awake for over three hours before finally succumbing to sleep. Although I would love for her to start sleeping longer at night, I think it was a fluke resulting from sheer exhaustion on her part. But she's welcome to prove me wrong!

While Meredith took an early morning nap, Otto and I worked on the stroller. One of the hinges had ripped a hole in the canvas so we ironed/sewed on some patches. Otto thought taking the stroller apart was amazing.
When I took out the sewing machine, he watched a little Yo Gabba Gabba. The umbrella stroller apparently is the most comfortable seat in the room. And no, I won't apologize for the state of the living room, it generally looks worse. A lot worse. 
She smiles all the time in her sleep, but today was flirting pretty hardcore with the dining room light fixture during a wake period. Lots of bashful grins and sideways glances, but of course I wasn't quick enough with the camera.
Baby acne is in full swing:(

Isn't she the cutest napper? 
Otto, on the other hand, didn't nap today. Third time in the last five days that he's decided to forgo sleep. This makes me oh so very sad as I'd love to crash in the middle of the afternoon:( And by three or four in the afternoon he is generally wishing he'd taken one too...he snuggled up in the bouncy seat while Meredith was nursing and claimed her swaddle as a lovey. Still, he was able to resist the nap. Tomorrow we are going to try lots of outdoor time before lunch to wear him out, hopefully it works. 
We definitely aren't pushing Otto to potty train, but we aren't going to discourage him either. Today he told me that he wanted to try and ran into the bathroom, pulled down his big kid seat, and started trying to take off his shorts. So we tried, and he was successful! I think my reaction might have scared him a bit; I was pumped! We scavenged some M&M's from a bag of trail mix (potty treats are on the grocery list!) and did some high fiving/dancing around the living room. Five minutes later he was in our bathroom asking to try again--'Em-nems' are a great motivator for Otto:) 
All in all, a great day. No nap for Mommy or Otto but we survived and Meredith seems to be asleep for the night with much less fussing than yesterday. Hopefully we get another five hour stretch of sleep! Off to bed for me with my fingers crossed!

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