Friday, May 11, 2012

My Mom is Awesome

My Mom left tonight. I'm pretty sad about this...she came in on Monday and spent the week with us. It was amazing. Homemade dinner every night, clean laundry that magically appeared, and she made my big kid feel super special with new toys and long walks around the neighborhood. Chris is going to miss her too, red meat for dinner every night isn't a common occurance around here.
Otto was in heaven having his Minky staying at his house. Not only did she let him sleep with her when he woke up from teething pain (two year old molars are the worst!), but she brought baby chickens with her!
Otto did great being gentle, and loved using feeding and watering them as an excuse to go play outside. My Mom humored his love of the outdoors and took him exploring around our house and on rides in the truck. He is really going to miss her. When she left tonight he was pretty upset and had to watch an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba while cuddling with me to distract him from his sadness.

Meredith loved having her Minky her too. I think she might have gotten her darker complexion from her, what do you think? 
This sweet girl is growing so fast, she is eating like a champ and starting to have longer wake times during the day (and some nights!).
Mom, thank you so much for all the help and encouragement. I so appreciate you coming to help us adjust, and I know that Otto, Chris, and Meredith do too! I know you have people that depend on you at home, but you are welcome to take a 'vacation' and stay with us anytime you want:)


  1. Your mom ROCKS! The Bruton's really miss her!!!

  2. It was my pleasure! Meredith is a dolly and Otto rocks!