Thursday, May 3, 2012

Holy Woah. We have TWO kids.

We're home! And this morning it hit Chris and I that we have TWO children now. (We're slow sometimes...didn't see that one coming.) We may never sleep again!

But it's great, Meredith is doing really well, and Otto is thrilled to have a 'baby sis-her'. Abbey and Lisa brought him to meet her while we waited to be discharged from the hospital yesterday morning and he was very impressed.
His concern for her is so sweet, if she fusses he offers to read her his books or gives her kisses on her hands. If she's upset, he is too, and needs a parent to give him a hug and tell him she will be okay:) Very sweet big brother. He does however, think that me nursing her is hilarious and snickers when she eats from the 'boo-boos'.
Meredith got Otto a promotion present, which he happily opened. (Yo Gabba Gabba is his favorite, how did she know!?)
We had to delay leaving until the evening, even though we had both been released, to start the first half of Meredith's pku screening. Our nurse was very sweet and talked the charge nurse into letting us leave an hour and a half early which was terrific because we got to see Otto before bedtime.

Meredith was not a fan of getting into her going home outfit, just like her brother. Aggie dress and socks, we bring them home right!
Our 'transport specialist' was very sweet and offered to take a picture before we left. Trash can wheelchair!
Otto decorated the driveway for his little sister! Several of the neighbors stopped by while he (and Nana and Aunt Abbey) were working to hear about his promotion.
Our family of four! (Chalk artwork is best done all natural;))
Lisa and Abbey were absolutely amazing, I knew Otto was in great hands. They even finished most of the to-do list I had been so stressing over before Meredith's arrival. The carpets are clean!  I owe those girls big time, THANK YOU!


  1. Congratulations! Man, I haven't even met Otto yet and now Meredith is here too! "Meredith"--an old Welsh name, is it not?

    Praying you guys are able to get some sleep!

  2. Love the driveway! Your kids are BOTH so stinkin cute. Congratulations again!!