Thursday, May 17, 2012

First Solo Outing

We got a little brave today and decided to venture out of the house by ourselves. Otto has decided that he wants to start potty training and yesterday  asked to tee-tee in the potty and then did! As much as I am not looking for another thing to do right now, if he's ready we're going to start while he's interested. So today, we went to Lowe's to pick up a child sized seat that attaches directly to the toilet. Our guest/kids bathroom is pretty compact and putting a training toilet in it would create a germy tripping hazard so hopefully this seat works for our little man.

Otto was THRILLED to be on the 'Potty!! Tee-tee, bye-bye tee-tee!' aisle. So many choices! (We are into toilets and all bodily functions that go with them these days.)
Toilet seats! Squee!
Meredith was not so into Lowe's. She tried just about everything to avoid the trip--the car seat during the drive was torture, she had a dirty diaper while there, and then immediately needed to refill. Poor girl obviously isn't into big box home improvement stores. Or maybe she was just embarrassed that her Mom took her out in public while she has an outbreak of acne going on; baby acne is here:( We stopped at Hobby Lobby before going home and she did much better, crafting must be more her thing:) That stop was pretty painless until we got to the check-out and the lady behind us touched her feet! Don't touch my babies people! Especially when they are little bitty! Meredith let her know that that was not okay by yelling loudly until we got outside. (Good girl Meri; we teach stranger-danger early.) We comfort nursed in the car before putting her back in the car seat and I realized that she had yellow poop on her foot. Ha! I must have missed it when changing her diaper in the Lowe's parking lot. Maybe that will teach the handsy check-out lady not to touch other people's children.

Meredith's feet are totally clean now, don't worry.
Otto did great while we were out, staying seated in the buggy and keeping a cheerful attitude while his sister was having a hard time. Such a helpful big kid!

Trips out are definitely going to be few and far between for the next few weeks...errands will have to wait until Daddy is home. It's just not worth it to battle the crazy people and the germs.

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