Sunday, May 27, 2012

Crazy Fun Weekend

Friday was a day. A crazy, pull your hair out kind of day. Both my little people were grouchy in the morning and it's hard to comfort both at the same time:-/ There were several moments were I thought about calling Chris and asking him to come home early. And then at nap time Otto got a little creative and made an art project out of bodily excretions, ie poop, again. That was super fun to clean up. Super ick. That led to a major talk and some discipline for taking off his clothes. I cried, he cried, pretty much the tone for the day.

But all days end and we made it through. And Saturday and today have been terrific! Meredith slept seven and a half hours last night! Our kids definitely seem to know when Daddy is home. They are always calmer, sleep better, and have better days in general when he is home; maybe they know they no longer have Mommy outnumbered?

Hannah and Sam drove up from College Station to meet Miss Meredith, and Dave came over from Allen to join us for dinner.
Aunt Hannah!
Uncle Sam brought Otto Tootsie Rolls and brown Play-dough to encourage his creative tendencies. Hardee, har, har. Very funny Sam.

Hannah and Sam stayed the night and Israel, Abbey, and Michael joined us this morning! All the Giles kids except Sarah--you we're missed Roo! Everyone being together warranted a sibling picture.
And one with Chris!
Hannah's college roommate, Amy, also came by to say hello!
Otto had the. best. weekend. Having most of his Aunts and Uncles around simply thrilled him. He went from person to person asking to go outside:) Michael turned 17 on the twenty-fifth and we had cake and ice cream to celebrate. Otto shook like a leaf when we brought out the cake he was so excited and he really enjoyed his first ice cream cone (Snickers flavor!).
Today Aunt Abbey filled up his swimming pool which he thoroughly enjoyed. Michael taught him how to jump from the mini-trampoline into the pool AND how to climb Chris's six foot ladder. Never a dull moment with this big boy.
Happy boy!
He was so worn out from all the fun, that at nap time on Saturday he fell asleep sitting up!
His baby doll is wearing one of Meredith's pajamas:) He loves dressing and caring for his baby.
Today a (solicitor, gag! I can't stand how many come through our neighborhood.) man came by wanting to paint house numbers on the curb. Our nieghbors already have their curbs painted and are OU, Tech, and Baylor. We couldn't let A&M go unrepresented! Saldy, he didn't do the best job and so Chris and Michael did a little touch up.
Turned out great didn't? They are quite the artists.

It's nuts how much Michael is growing these days. Two years ago, almost to the day, we were in Galveston  and I took this picture. And here they are today. Like I said crazy nuts.

Very much a fun weekend, and we talked Israel, Abbey, and Michael into staying the night to extend their visit! Woohoo!

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  1. Otto is so "stinking" cute , & Miss Mereith seems to have decided to keep all that hair! WooHoo
    <3 it that most of you could get together and for Michael the 17th party continues on..... (to think he was worried about getting old) LOL