Monday, May 7, 2012

A Boy and His (Borrowed) Pig

This is a guinea pig. Abbey brought him with her when she visited.
Nameless, poor guy, because Otto couldn't get past calling it anything but, 'Bebe pig', and my siblings are holding out for him to name the little guy.
Otto LOVED him. And Abbey for bringing him to stay; she jumped from being loved, to being adored.
He asked about the 'pig, pig!' constantly and loved to feed him grass, pellets, and whatever was left on his plate at dinner. He even tried to convince me to put the guinea pig on top of his mower so it could go for a ride!
Kisses for the rodent!
The much loved 'pig' went home when Aunt Abbey did, and Otto has done very well at handling his departure, probably because of all the big distractions that have happened;) I'm sure that when we visit my parents, checking on the guinea pigs will be high on Otto's priority list. :)

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  1. I just love reading all your stories! Beautiful kids Lydia!