Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Anniversary to Us!

I must be loosing it. I straight up forgot our anniversary. Well, not forgot forgot, just didn't remember it was today. Earlier this week I was mentally trying to plan something, (and came up with diddly squat--I'm a terrible gift giver) but today it completely slipped my mind to actually follow through! I'm blaming sleep deprivation.

We had turkey sandwiches for dinner. Hot date at our house tonight.

Chris, of course, came through like a rockstar. Card, gift, the whole nine yards:) It's hard to be married to someone who's practically perfect I tell you.

Sorry Honey! I do love you and maybe in a couple of years (like ten) I'll actually be better at expressing it!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Chris!

Today Chris turned 28!

Happy Birthday to the best Daddy around!
Miss Meredith is four weeks old today!
Otto helped me make dessert; cheesecake filled chocolate covered strawberries. He had two at dinner and is still talking away in his crib:-/ (It's 9:53pm)
Happy Birthday Chris, we love you so very much!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Crazy Fun Weekend

Friday was a day. A crazy, pull your hair out kind of day. Both my little people were grouchy in the morning and it's hard to comfort both at the same time:-/ There were several moments were I thought about calling Chris and asking him to come home early. And then at nap time Otto got a little creative and made an art project out of bodily excretions, ie poop, again. That was super fun to clean up. Super ick. That led to a major talk and some discipline for taking off his clothes. I cried, he cried, pretty much the tone for the day.

But all days end and we made it through. And Saturday and today have been terrific! Meredith slept seven and a half hours last night! Our kids definitely seem to know when Daddy is home. They are always calmer, sleep better, and have better days in general when he is home; maybe they know they no longer have Mommy outnumbered?

Hannah and Sam drove up from College Station to meet Miss Meredith, and Dave came over from Allen to join us for dinner.
Aunt Hannah!
Uncle Sam brought Otto Tootsie Rolls and brown Play-dough to encourage his creative tendencies. Hardee, har, har. Very funny Sam.

Hannah and Sam stayed the night and Israel, Abbey, and Michael joined us this morning! All the Giles kids except Sarah--you we're missed Roo! Everyone being together warranted a sibling picture.
And one with Chris!
Hannah's college roommate, Amy, also came by to say hello!
Otto had the. best. weekend. Having most of his Aunts and Uncles around simply thrilled him. He went from person to person asking to go outside:) Michael turned 17 on the twenty-fifth and we had cake and ice cream to celebrate. Otto shook like a leaf when we brought out the cake he was so excited and he really enjoyed his first ice cream cone (Snickers flavor!).
Today Aunt Abbey filled up his swimming pool which he thoroughly enjoyed. Michael taught him how to jump from the mini-trampoline into the pool AND how to climb Chris's six foot ladder. Never a dull moment with this big boy.
Happy boy!
He was so worn out from all the fun, that at nap time on Saturday he fell asleep sitting up!
His baby doll is wearing one of Meredith's pajamas:) He loves dressing and caring for his baby.
Today a (solicitor, gag! I can't stand how many come through our neighborhood.) man came by wanting to paint house numbers on the curb. Our nieghbors already have their curbs painted and are OU, Tech, and Baylor. We couldn't let A&M go unrepresented! Saldy, he didn't do the best job and so Chris and Michael did a little touch up.
Turned out great didn't? They are quite the artists.

It's nuts how much Michael is growing these days. Two years ago, almost to the day, we were in Galveston  and I took this picture. And here they are today. Like I said crazy nuts.

Very much a fun weekend, and we talked Israel, Abbey, and Michael into staying the night to extend their visit! Woohoo!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


We spent the morning with Sloane, Will, and their mom Sarah! It was a pretty successful outing; it only took two hours to get out of the house--ha!

The guys got to play outside, and Meredith met her new bestie, Miss Sloane. Sarah fed us lunch and sent us home just in time for naps:) Great morning!

Pretty Sloane; she is getting so big! Almost sitting up and is such a happy baby. She was all smiles and didn't mind when Otto gave her kisses:)
Will loves to mow just like Otto, they had a few moments of questioning who's turn it was but worked out their differences very nicely for boys who are not quite two.
They had a great time playing together. At one point I went to check on them while they were playing in Will's room and found them mixing up an imaginary dinner and feeding each other bites:)
They also managed to scale the dining room table and eat the strawberries from lunch, stems and all! Definitely a handful, Sarah and I were questioning how mother's of twins do it!

Thank you for having us guys, we had fun!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Pictures from Our Day

...via my iPhone:)

Today was a good day, they all are really:) Meredith, after struggling to fall asleep last night, had a stretch of sleep that lasted five hours and fifteen minutes! She has been sleeping in three hour chunks at best at night, so this was a very welcome change for me:) Over the last week she has been having long wake periods at night lasting about an hour and a half, and last night she was awake for over three hours before finally succumbing to sleep. Although I would love for her to start sleeping longer at night, I think it was a fluke resulting from sheer exhaustion on her part. But she's welcome to prove me wrong!

While Meredith took an early morning nap, Otto and I worked on the stroller. One of the hinges had ripped a hole in the canvas so we ironed/sewed on some patches. Otto thought taking the stroller apart was amazing.
When I took out the sewing machine, he watched a little Yo Gabba Gabba. The umbrella stroller apparently is the most comfortable seat in the room. And no, I won't apologize for the state of the living room, it generally looks worse. A lot worse. 
She smiles all the time in her sleep, but today was flirting pretty hardcore with the dining room light fixture during a wake period. Lots of bashful grins and sideways glances, but of course I wasn't quick enough with the camera.
Baby acne is in full swing:(

Isn't she the cutest napper? 
Otto, on the other hand, didn't nap today. Third time in the last five days that he's decided to forgo sleep. This makes me oh so very sad as I'd love to crash in the middle of the afternoon:( And by three or four in the afternoon he is generally wishing he'd taken one too...he snuggled up in the bouncy seat while Meredith was nursing and claimed her swaddle as a lovey. Still, he was able to resist the nap. Tomorrow we are going to try lots of outdoor time before lunch to wear him out, hopefully it works. 
We definitely aren't pushing Otto to potty train, but we aren't going to discourage him either. Today he told me that he wanted to try and ran into the bathroom, pulled down his big kid seat, and started trying to take off his shorts. So we tried, and he was successful! I think my reaction might have scared him a bit; I was pumped! We scavenged some M&M's from a bag of trail mix (potty treats are on the grocery list!) and did some high fiving/dancing around the living room. Five minutes later he was in our bathroom asking to try again--'Em-nems' are a great motivator for Otto:) 
All in all, a great day. No nap for Mommy or Otto but we survived and Meredith seems to be asleep for the night with much less fussing than yesterday. Hopefully we get another five hour stretch of sleep! Off to bed for me with my fingers crossed!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

First Solo Outing

We got a little brave today and decided to venture out of the house by ourselves. Otto has decided that he wants to start potty training and yesterday  asked to tee-tee in the potty and then did! As much as I am not looking for another thing to do right now, if he's ready we're going to start while he's interested. So today, we went to Lowe's to pick up a child sized seat that attaches directly to the toilet. Our guest/kids bathroom is pretty compact and putting a training toilet in it would create a germy tripping hazard so hopefully this seat works for our little man.

Otto was THRILLED to be on the 'Potty!! Tee-tee, bye-bye tee-tee!' aisle. So many choices! (We are into toilets and all bodily functions that go with them these days.)
Toilet seats! Squee!
Meredith was not so into Lowe's. She tried just about everything to avoid the trip--the car seat during the drive was torture, she had a dirty diaper while there, and then immediately needed to refill. Poor girl obviously isn't into big box home improvement stores. Or maybe she was just embarrassed that her Mom took her out in public while she has an outbreak of acne going on; baby acne is here:( We stopped at Hobby Lobby before going home and she did much better, crafting must be more her thing:) That stop was pretty painless until we got to the check-out and the lady behind us touched her feet! Don't touch my babies people! Especially when they are little bitty! Meredith let her know that that was not okay by yelling loudly until we got outside. (Good girl Meri; we teach stranger-danger early.) We comfort nursed in the car before putting her back in the car seat and I realized that she had yellow poop on her foot. Ha! I must have missed it when changing her diaper in the Lowe's parking lot. Maybe that will teach the handsy check-out lady not to touch other people's children.

Meredith's feet are totally clean now, don't worry.
Otto did great while we were out, staying seated in the buggy and keeping a cheerful attitude while his sister was having a hard time. Such a helpful big kid!

Trips out are definitely going to be few and far between for the next few weeks...errands will have to wait until Daddy is home. It's just not worth it to battle the crazy people and the germs.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Two Weeks Old

Meredith is two weeks old! It's amazing how long it takes babies to get here, but then the time seems to fly by; she's getting big fast.

To celebrate her first two weeks we had a little party and invited Augie to visit. Here they are together, Augie is one day shy of a month older than Meredith and is a beast! Jenny has done a great job plumping him up:)
Meredith thought he was quite handsome and snuggled right up...her Dad hasn't seen these pictures yet, but I'm sure they will be having a little talk later:)

At two weeks, Miss Meredith is changing rapidly. She tries to focus on her big brother and will turn her head to look at him, either from interest or self preservation. She also loves her Daddy's voice and will stare at him when they cuddle. The pacifier is a win, which just blows my mind. A baby that takes a pacifier? Win! She sneezes like her Dad, loud and direct. When she is tired the swaddle is a must and she prefers the cradle hold, any other position generally will garner a growl. Other than the growling she's very lady like, burping makes her sad. This week she lost her umbilical stump (eleven days) and today we completed the second half of her PKU screen. (If we have another baby Chris will be going to that appointment, I hate them! Baby torture, the people that do the heel sticks must be dead inside.) She seems so much bigger already, the only reason I would have liked a two week appointment pediatric would be to track how fast she's growing.

Aunt Sarah has been taking lots of great pictures, I'm so excited to see them! Tonight we went back to the park where we took Meredith's bump pictures and took the after shots. They are going to be great! Here is a side view of a set-up she did this afternoon, how cute is my little hungry caterpillar?!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Aunt Sarah!

Aunt Sarah is here and we are pumped! Meredith met her at the door wearing her camera onesie to let Sarah know that she was ready for her close-up:)
Otto is thrilled too and has learned how to say Sarah, although it comes out 'Air-rah'. Pictures to come, get excited!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!
Things have changed just a little from this time last year, but I wouldn't have it any other way:) I am definitely blessed with two of the most amazing kids!

Friday, May 11, 2012

My Mom is Awesome

My Mom left tonight. I'm pretty sad about this...she came in on Monday and spent the week with us. It was amazing. Homemade dinner every night, clean laundry that magically appeared, and she made my big kid feel super special with new toys and long walks around the neighborhood. Chris is going to miss her too, red meat for dinner every night isn't a common occurance around here.
Otto was in heaven having his Minky staying at his house. Not only did she let him sleep with her when he woke up from teething pain (two year old molars are the worst!), but she brought baby chickens with her!
Otto did great being gentle, and loved using feeding and watering them as an excuse to go play outside. My Mom humored his love of the outdoors and took him exploring around our house and on rides in the truck. He is really going to miss her. When she left tonight he was pretty upset and had to watch an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba while cuddling with me to distract him from his sadness.

Meredith loved having her Minky her too. I think she might have gotten her darker complexion from her, what do you think? 
This sweet girl is growing so fast, she is eating like a champ and starting to have longer wake times during the day (and some nights!).
Mom, thank you so much for all the help and encouragement. I so appreciate you coming to help us adjust, and I know that Otto, Chris, and Meredith do too! I know you have people that depend on you at home, but you are welcome to take a 'vacation' and stay with us anytime you want:)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One Week Old!

Our little peanut is one week old today! She isn't a tiny girl, but when compared to her brother she seems downright shrimpy.

She is adjusting well to being an outside baby. During the day she eats every three hours (sometimes more!) and at night occasionally goes three and a half hours before waking to eat. She is an excellent nurser and I have already developed the nursing mom appetite, most of the 4:00am feedings leave me wishing for a cheeseburger.

It's crazy how different she is from her brother, just about every fool proof trick we used with him doesn't work for her, she is definitely her own unique person.

We think she is amazing and this first week has flown by.

PS: I had my first real 'post partum, my brain is fried' moment today. Let's just say that one of Chris's belts is now very clean and doesn't need to be sent through the washing machine anytime soon.

Monday, May 7, 2012

A Boy and His (Borrowed) Pig

This is a guinea pig. Abbey brought him with her when she visited.
Nameless, poor guy, because Otto couldn't get past calling it anything but, 'Bebe pig', and my siblings are holding out for him to name the little guy.
Otto LOVED him. And Abbey for bringing him to stay; she jumped from being loved, to being adored.
He asked about the 'pig, pig!' constantly and loved to feed him grass, pellets, and whatever was left on his plate at dinner. He even tried to convince me to put the guinea pig on top of his mower so it could go for a ride!
Kisses for the rodent!
The much loved 'pig' went home when Aunt Abbey did, and Otto has done very well at handling his departure, probably because of all the big distractions that have happened;) I'm sure that when we visit my parents, checking on the guinea pigs will be high on Otto's priority list. :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012


I promised myself that I would be better this time at documenting people who came to meet our new little person...of course I then immediately forgot to take pictures of my Dad and Abbey with Meredith while they were here. :( The only pictures I got were with my phone!
Meredith relaxing with her MG

Aunt Abbey!
So, when Angela arrived on Friday to spend the weekend I made sure to break out the big camera and take pictures!
Aunt Lala, Otto, and the Doslet!

Angela was very sweet and entertained our big kid and made him feel special. He is doing great, but getting a new sister is a big adjustment. They played with the newly hung swing, blew bubbles, and mowed the back yard about fifty times;)
Meredith and Angela
My Mom is coming up tomorrow and I am leaving the camera out so I won't forget to take pictures. Hopefully seeing it every time I walk past the kitchen counter works!

(Is it odd that in my head I still call Meredith, Baby Dos or Dosie? Sarah, next time you give one of my kids a gestational name just go ahead a pick one that we can put on the birth certificate!)