Friday, April 20, 2012


Otto's Aunt Lala gifted him with one of his favorite (large, loud, possibly will be re-gifted to her future children) push toys. It's a miniature lawn mower, and this week he decided that he was going to use it correctly and took it outside to the back yard. For the last few days he has been wanting to do yard work all. the. time. So tonight when Chris mowed the front yard Otto was beyond excited to help, he actually squealed when I suggested that we get his mower out too:)
 Mowing is definitely his new favorite activity. "Mow? I do, hi-yah! Work." I'm going to count it as his first sentence, we've heard it many times over the last few days. (Hi-yah is his term for outside.)
He's very serious about what he's doing, I'm sure he assumes that his mower cut most of the yard.
Wait, now Daddy has the weed-eater...where do I get one of those?
He helped me sweep the sidewalks, but couldn't wait to get back to mowing:)
Chris hopes he keeps up this enthusiasm towards yard work in the future...a teenager that begs to mow? Yes please!


  1. Glad to know he loves the mower so much!! I'm glad I caved now! ;)

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