Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lydia the Pregnant Lady {Thirty-six Weeks}

Thirty-six weeks, woot! Panic mode is officially happening at the Weldy house. I checked three things of the list today and a couple of big items should be completed tomorrow. We've got to get prepared!

I had my first cervical check this week...and we're exactly where we were at this point with Otto. 1cm dilated, soft cervix, and head down baby that isn't engaged. So maybe I shouldn't be panicking about the todo list? We probably have another six weeks to go:)

The Highlights:

How far along: 36 weeks!(For some reason this week feels a little anti-climatic? Next week will probably scare me straight though...)
How big is baby: Starting to top out in height but chunking up nicely, about 18.5 inches and six pounds according to the peeps at Babycenter. My girth is 41 inches so I believe them.
Weight gain/loss: 36 pounds up as of Monday. Look at that, staying on track with the weeks! (ha!) 
Maternity clothes: Are starting to fit wonky. They really just don't make maternity clothes for late third trimester people, everything is really for those cute 28 weeks pregnant bellies.
Stretch marks: The tops of a few previous marks have turned red but haven't grown yet. It's coming.
Sleep: Otto pushed me out of bed this morning, no lie. He just kept getting closer and closer until he was on my face and my only escape was to fall off the mattress...he continued sleeping for 45 minutes. Crazy boy thinks he's so big and should be the one sleeping on the edge. He also knows when you are pretending to still be asleep in the mornings. His current tricks are prying your eyes open with his fingers or lining his nose up with yours until you get tired of breathing in hot air. As soon as your eyes open he demands breakfast; growing boy needs to eat.
Best Moment of the Week: Ordering the crib! HUGE relief to have that on the way. (Procrastination was totally all my fault too.)
Movement: Not much, just lots of stretching and bumping. Occasionally she tries to reposition and man, it's uncomfortable.
Symptoms: Slightly more controlled hormones which has been nice, but I pee all the time. Also, food isn't as appealing anymore even though I'm hungry. Milk products are back to making me nauseous:(
Food Cravings: French bread. We've (Otto and I, Chris had one small piece) gone through two loaves with week. Bread and butter, better than cake.  
Gender: Girl!
Labor Signs: The Braxton hicks have really picked up, especially at night when I lay down to go to sleep...just like with Otto. I hope this doesn't mean we are going to repeat his labor:-\ Chris says not to worry, that we are going to eat steak for breakfast and be in labor by lunch.
Belly button in or out: I've avoided looking at it this's creepy. 
What I am Looking Forward too: Meeting this girl, but I am NOT looking forward to getting her here. My (Crazy AWESOME) friend Jenny had her little boy on Tuesday and totally rocked labor and delivery. And get this, Augustine was born with his hand by his face! Jenny is a rock star, that had to be insane.
Daddy: Just mis-guessed my waist size by seven inches, thanks a lot Weldy. Gave me a practice massage (for relaxation during labor) once this week, and for someone who's love language is not physical touch he really did a great job. Dos was a little freaked out though, she kept squirming trying to get away. I'm thinking she takes after her Dad in the touch department.
Otto: Got a two year old molar yesterday (k). I know he's going to be a big brother soon, but he needs to slow down just a bit. Really wants to learn how to count, so we are practicing quite a bit. His favorite number is two but he skips one entirely. Today we played in the back yard, he made a lovely mud pie in one of my mixing bowls with his favorite spatula. 'Mud' and 'dirt' are two of his most used words lately. 


  1. Since Otto was born on our anniversary, maybe Dos could be born on my parent's anniversary, May 3rd? Just keeping it in the family! Ha!

  2. Hey Lydia,
    I sure have enjoyed reading your blogs though both of your pregancies. Here is hoping little Dos is an easier delivery than cute little Otto. Oh and if your interested Andy and I posted our first blog about our little spawn.

  3. His current tricks are prying your eyes open with his fingers or lining his nose up with yours until you get tired of breathing in hot air. As soon as your eyes open he demands breakfast; growing boy needs to eat.