Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lydia the Pregnant Lady {Thirty-seven Weeks} (And a trip to the Zoo)

Ow, ow! 37 weeks baby! That's full term peeps. And let me tell you, I've been feeling it--straight up as big as a house this week. I don't feel like she's completely cooked at this point but in about a week and a half Dos will be getting an eviction notice from me. Everyday is one day closer to meeting her! 

The Highlights:

How far along: 37 weeks! So encouraging to know that she would most likely do well if she decided to come out now. Not that there have been any signs that she is planning an early appearance, most likely she'll drag her feet a little:)
How big is baby: Big. And she knows it. Silly girl likes to throw her weight around when something gets in her personal space. Babycenter says 19 inches and 6 1/3 pounds. 
Weight gain/loss: Weight check on Monday...feeling large and in charge.  
Maternity clothes: Yes.
Stretch marks: Stilling holding out with the original set.
Sleep: Broken by at least on trip to the bathroom and a couple of roll overs...good while I'm actually sleeping.
Best Moment of the Week: My sister came to visit and she took maternity pictures! Pretty exciting as she's the only person that has the skills to make me look glowingly pregnant when really I'm a sweating hippo. 
Movement: Still lots of pushing and slow movements, she startles to loud noises (mainly her brother) tries to get away from things that touch the outside of my belly.
Symptoms: HOT! And not in a good way, hormones be crazy. A few weeks ago linea nigra came back (much later than with Otto) and little brown spots popped up on my face, and they seem to be getting worse with sun exposure:(
Food Cravings: Bread is still pretty darn good. Salad was also delicious this week.
Gender: Girl!
Labor Signs: Less Braxton hicks than last week, but still happening more now than the past few months, we're definitely getting closer.
Belly button in or out: Changed the channel on my Pandora station last week while I was listening to music on my iPod. (Don't ask but I had it riding around on my bump, under my shirt, while sanding Dos' dresser and it slipped down to belly button range somehow.)
What I am Looking Forward too: Putting her room together, we finally have all the pieces, her crib came in yesterday!
Daddy: Working hard core on work and school projects, poor guy has quite a bit to get done (hopefully) before she makes her debut. Keeps talking about having a girl and what that's going to be like...I think it starting to sink in:)
Otto: Becoming more talkative by the day. On the way home today he was in the back chatting about 'AbbeyRoo' (Roo is what he'll most likely call Sarah, and we saw Abbey last weekend...I think he was trying to pair it with Aunt and came up with Abbey instead.) He also say, 'Twwoo, threeee, GO!' One still isn't cool I guess.

Today we planned a zoo trip to celebrate getting to 37 weeks. Sadly, Chris had an issue at work and couldn't take the morning off. I thought we were going to have to reschedule but at lunch he called to say the afternoon would work! Otto had taken an early nap so we hopped in the car and went! This week's bump picture is a little less bland:)
Really starting to beast it up. Israel, be impressed!
We had a great time; Dos and I got plenty of exercise;) I could barely waddle along at the guys pace, and they aren't speedy walkers. Otto loved it! This was pretty much his reaction to everything.
His favorite exhibits were the African animals; elephants, zebras, and monster koi swimming in the pond in the giraffe's pen.
At the orangutan pen he saw a sleeping monkey and told Chris and I to 'ssshhh'. We're working on his inside versus outside voice at home, but this was the first time he really applied it:) 
The orangutan actually really reminded me of my was sleeping with a lovey pulled over it's face!
This 'Man-made Bird Nest' made Chris laugh, birds nesting on power polls cause him quite a but of extra hassle at work. I gave Chris a hard time and had him pose for a picture.
While I was teasing him about smiling, Otto was behind me saying, 'Smile, smile.' He wanted his picture made too! He cracks me up, this is his poser face. 
This isn't a great picture, but his face really tells how he felt about the entire outing. I'm thinking we might have to get him a year pass for his birthday, he loved it!

Time to start betting on how much she will weigh and when she will come out. Chris thinks 7.14 on the May 4th (date all of his term projects are due), and I'm thinking 8.6 (why am I not guessing smaller?!) sometime during the first week of May. Let's hear what you're thinking!  


  1. I'll guess 7.12 and May 3, 2012 !

    I LOVE Otto's awe face and am sure he enjoyed his zoo trip. Please buy him a yearly pass, maybe even encourage the next Bradley group play date to be at the zoo.
    <3 you all!

  2. I'm going to guess 6.15 and May 6th. He is so cute!! I love all of his facial expressions! :)