Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lydia the Pregnant Lady (Thirty-nine Weeks)

The Highlights:

How far along: 39 weeks.
How big is baby: Well, I feel much, much bigger but the belly has shrunk. It's now 45 inches at my belly button. Surely this is a sign that she's trying to wiggle her way out?  
Weight gain/loss: My appointment was canceled this week due to a complication on my doctor's side, so no current numbers. I'm cool with this, I know I'm big, absolutely don't need to hear it from someone else.
Maternity clothes: Don't fit. And the lower half of my stomach hanging out really doesn't scream attractive.  
Stretch marks: Maybe there are a few that have started to grow? Not sure, but the belly is starting to shine.
Sleep: Otto has been sleeping in his own bed! Makes rolling over much easier, I don't have to worry about squishing a toddler. I think he's sleeping better too...sadly this has led to a sudden disinterest in naps on his part. I can still nap like a champ.
Best Moment of the Week: Abbey. Hands down. She's such a help.
Movement: Slow today, but pretty strong most of the week. It's really starting to make me squirm...she has a move that I think involves her finger nails clawing my cervix. Ouch! 
Symptoms: The Braxton hicks are out to get me. I'm also whiny, grouchy, and all 'I will cut you!'. Hopefully this is a sign of the end because I'm feeling pretty done this week. I've developed a lovely swayback and the waddle is out in full force. Come out little girl!
Food Cravings: Eh. Nothing stands out. Put it in front of me and I'll eat it.
Gender: Girl!
Labor Signs: Braxton hicks all day long, achy joints, and an overall feeling of being done.
Belly button in or out: Out.
What I am Looking Forward too: Meeting this kid! (But not really the having her part:-\)
Daddy: Thinks I'm mildly psychotic but won't actually come out and say it. He checks on me often during the work day and wears kid gloves when at home. Anything I do that's out of the normal routine is analyzed as a potential labor sign. Home dude is getting a little nervous. (He would call it preparing)  
Abbey: Is pretty much the baby whisperer. Otto asks 'How high?' when she says 'Jump!'. The last two nights he has let her brush his teeth with absolutely no objections, a ridiculous feat. She tried to teach Otto how to give Mommy foot massages...the plan backfired and now he demands you rub his 'foot' every time he sees the lotion bottle.
Otto: Has really soft feet:) Is possibly growing right before my eyes, I swear he gets bigger every day. Turned 21 months yesterday and is about to have some major life changes...I think he's totally up for it. Is trying to learn how to spell his name, so far can say O-t-o! But only when he is scribbling on paper with a pen or pencil. Has decided that naps are for the birds this week. Mommy is NOT cool with this. Any suggestions?
Big, swollen, and tired. Otherwise known as 'The end is (hopefully) near!'.
Abbey photo bomb. And yes, she was dancing to I'm Sexy and I know it. We do photo shoots right.

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