Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lydia the Pregnant Lady {Thirty-eight Weeks}

Slow on posts this week...I've picked up some kind of sinus infection and have been devoting the time not spent bemoaning my misery to working on the to-do list. It's still about a mile long but several big things have been crossed off! Her dresser and crib are in her room! Baby laundry is washed, just needs to be put away. I should really get on that so I can make a 'what we are missing' list. (Obviously my strong suit is making lists, not crossing things off.)

The Highlights:

How far along: 38 weeks.
How big is baby: Obviously growing, I measured my belly last night, 45.5 inches at my belly button. That's four and a half inches up from a few weeks ago. And according the the online formula that we tried yesterday, her predicted birth weight is 7 pounds 9 ounces. We will see. 
Weight gain/loss: 38.5 pounds up.
Maternity clothes: Are dumb. And don't really fit anymore. 
Stretch marks: Starting to hope that I can sneak through with no new ones developing...
Sleep: Not so great this week, sinus yuckiness and joint pain have both been in play. I want to sleep well, does that count for anything?
Best Moment of the Week: Seeing Sarah pictures and crossing things off the list! 
Movement: She has really slowed down. Two days ago it was really starting to bother me that she hadn't been moving so I laid down when Otto went down for his nap to track her movements. After several minutes of trying to wake her up, I started praying something along the lines of 'When should I start freaking out?!' and what do you know, I wasn't halfway through my pray when she got the hiccups. Being one of God's favorites is a very, very good thing. 
Symptoms: Peeing more than once at night now...maybe her head is finally engaged? Muscle cramps have also come back, probably because my body is fighting off sickness.
Food Cravings: Chickfila.
Gender: Girl! Although we did talk about what we would name a surprise boy. Most likely he would be an Arthur.
Labor Signs: Braxton hicks all over the place that don't go away with rest or water. Still take my breath away from the pressure but don't hurt at all. 
Belly button in or out: You can practically see it from space. 
What I am Looking Forward too: Abbey! She's coming up this weekend to be our slave middle of the night and we are in labor babysitter (hopefully Dos gets the memo and decides to come out while she's here...).
Daddy: Is in a rush to finish his school projects...and work projects, and crazy wife projects. Poor guy goes all day long but doesn't say a word when I order pizza instead of making dinner, or text him things like 'I swear we were productive just won't be able to tell when you see the train wreck that is our house.'. I really married a keeper people. He doesn't even blink when I eat second dinner a hour after the first. Good, good man.
Otto: Identified the color green correctly! (Lid of his snack cup while at the doctor's office, Daddy was there too, I didn't just imagine it!) All the jelly bean practice must be working--ha! This week we have heard a lot of  'I do'. He's into trying everything by himself...that being said we've also sat on the potty a few times at his request. Nothing of significance happened other than lots of grins, clapping, and Otto shrieking 'Bye-bye tee-tee!' while flushing the toilet, but if he wants to try we'll let him. *adds 'Buy child sized toilet lid' to the list*

This week's belly shot was taken last week at 37 weeks exactly. But trust me, it's much more flattering than what Chris and I would be able to come up with.
And a few more because my sister is awesome and makes me look pretty.


  1. Baby is probably just running out of room to move around. Typical this late in the pregnancy. always a good idea to still monitor movement, and when in doubt call your doctor. ;-)

    Beautiful pictures!

  2. You're so beautiful! I love that dress!! :)