Monday, April 30, 2012

Update on the Doslet

Today was my 39 (and four days) week appointment.

Because I've been noticing some changes (Braxton hicks all the time, some cervical mucous, and hormonally whacked out--Chris and Abbey are thrilled to be living with me I tell you.) over the last few days, I asked her to check and see if we'd made any progress.

I'm two pounds shy of the weight I was when we went into labor with Otto, but have significantly less water retention this time, so my hind quarters must be larger. I'm dilated to 3cm and 50% effaced. After six hours of labor with Otto we were a three! Very encouraging that this will be a slightly shorter process compared to last time. *fingers crossed* Her head is fully engaged (aren't you glad I'm over-sharing?) but she's still too high to determine anterior or posterior.

She gets until next Monday to make her appearance on her own, then after a biophysical profile, we'll discuss her living situation and ways to evict her. Hopefully she decides to come out on her own before then. (With a spectacularly short, pain free labor--Ahahahaha!)

Guys, I'm getting close to being absolutely done. Being this pregnant is intense, and a little rough. If my carpets were shampooed, last major list item, I'm pretty sure I'd go into labor before the ink dried from crossing it off the list.

(And for the record, I know it sounds like I'm complaining, totally am. But I am SO GRATEFUL that she has had the opportunity to fully cook. It's just reaching the end, dreading the process of labor, and not knowing the specifics of when and how that's killing me.)

Current picture of ridiculously pregnant Lydia? Here you go.

Friday, April 27, 2012

People Say the Darndest Things

Auto mechanic who was replacing some sort of bolt that holds the tire on. ((Apparently these are pretty important))

Me: "Thank you so much for being so quick!"

Mechanic: "Well, I was trying to hurry because, well, you know..." *makes gesture indicating a large stomach*

Me: "Oh! Well, we still have several weeks to go. I don't think she'll be here anytime soon."

Mechanic: "You look worse than that."

Me: Blink, blink. 


Female clerk at the pizza place: "You're still driving?"

Me: "Pardon?"

Female clerk at the pizza place: "That pregnant, how do you fit? Can you see over the wheel"


Head/desk. Really people? Just don't. Don't even try. If you can't find something nice to say, DON'T SAY ANYTHING!

I will laugh on the inside and then put you on the internet.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lydia the Pregnant Lady (Thirty-nine Weeks)

The Highlights:

How far along: 39 weeks.
How big is baby: Well, I feel much, much bigger but the belly has shrunk. It's now 45 inches at my belly button. Surely this is a sign that she's trying to wiggle her way out?  
Weight gain/loss: My appointment was canceled this week due to a complication on my doctor's side, so no current numbers. I'm cool with this, I know I'm big, absolutely don't need to hear it from someone else.
Maternity clothes: Don't fit. And the lower half of my stomach hanging out really doesn't scream attractive.  
Stretch marks: Maybe there are a few that have started to grow? Not sure, but the belly is starting to shine.
Sleep: Otto has been sleeping in his own bed! Makes rolling over much easier, I don't have to worry about squishing a toddler. I think he's sleeping better too...sadly this has led to a sudden disinterest in naps on his part. I can still nap like a champ.
Best Moment of the Week: Abbey. Hands down. She's such a help.
Movement: Slow today, but pretty strong most of the week. It's really starting to make me squirm...she has a move that I think involves her finger nails clawing my cervix. Ouch! 
Symptoms: The Braxton hicks are out to get me. I'm also whiny, grouchy, and all 'I will cut you!'. Hopefully this is a sign of the end because I'm feeling pretty done this week. I've developed a lovely swayback and the waddle is out in full force. Come out little girl!
Food Cravings: Eh. Nothing stands out. Put it in front of me and I'll eat it.
Gender: Girl!
Labor Signs: Braxton hicks all day long, achy joints, and an overall feeling of being done.
Belly button in or out: Out.
What I am Looking Forward too: Meeting this kid! (But not really the having her part:-\)
Daddy: Thinks I'm mildly psychotic but won't actually come out and say it. He checks on me often during the work day and wears kid gloves when at home. Anything I do that's out of the normal routine is analyzed as a potential labor sign. Home dude is getting a little nervous. (He would call it preparing)  
Abbey: Is pretty much the baby whisperer. Otto asks 'How high?' when she says 'Jump!'. The last two nights he has let her brush his teeth with absolutely no objections, a ridiculous feat. She tried to teach Otto how to give Mommy foot massages...the plan backfired and now he demands you rub his 'foot' every time he sees the lotion bottle.
Otto: Has really soft feet:) Is possibly growing right before my eyes, I swear he gets bigger every day. Turned 21 months yesterday and is about to have some major life changes...I think he's totally up for it. Is trying to learn how to spell his name, so far can say O-t-o! But only when he is scribbling on paper with a pen or pencil. Has decided that naps are for the birds this week. Mommy is NOT cool with this. Any suggestions?
Big, swollen, and tired. Otherwise known as 'The end is (hopefully) near!'.
Abbey photo bomb. And yes, she was dancing to I'm Sexy and I know it. We do photo shoots right.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Quiet Books and Meeting Augie

Yesterday we took a trip to the other side of the metroplex to meet up with our Bradley friends. Joss and Liv (and their parents) recently moved and we got together for lunch and to exchange Quiet book pages. Kala organized a group craft project where every mom made several of the same quiet activity and then we exchanged to create a full book of activities that will entertain little people in church/waiting rooms/etc. Of course I didn't take a picture, but it's great! I'm excited to add it to the diaper bag.

The little people!
Kane--his Mom blogs here. Aren't his suspenders just the cutest?
Miss Charlotte
I love Sloane. Hopefully Dos will be able to nap with a crowd around too!
Shelby--Joss and Liv's cousin.
Joss, a little perturbed to have her lunch interrupted:)
Liv. This girl is on the move, already crawling like a champ!
And what do you know, I didn't take a picture of my munchkin. Fail. But I did get a picture of the mom's for once!
Jess, myself, Sarah, Kala, Ashli, and Lynae
Abbey was a hit, little people really love her and she fit right in with the crowd. Otto was a little confused when his Abbey was holding other babies but he was never grumpy about it, just tried to climb into her lap too:)
After leaving the Ellison's Otto took a brief power nap in the car on the way to see Jenny and her new little man, Augustine.
Isn't he a beautiful baby? Jenny is doing great, really rocking it as a new mom. I am so proud of her for being such a beast during labor, so encouraging to me that it can be done! (Can you tell I'm starting to get nervous...maybe I can just stay pregnant forever?)

Alright, I'm off to bed. Trying to contain a little person (please be little!) that does water aerobics all day is exhausting!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Aunt Abbey!

There's a party going on at our house--Aunt Abbey is here! And she brought a friend:)

Otto is pretty much beside himself with joy. My Mom and Abbey arrived after he was already in bed so Otto didn't see Abbey until the next morning. He RAN across the room to give her a hug, he was so happy to see her!

Stay tuned for all the fun we're having!

Friday, April 20, 2012


Otto's Aunt Lala gifted him with one of his favorite (large, loud, possibly will be re-gifted to her future children) push toys. It's a miniature lawn mower, and this week he decided that he was going to use it correctly and took it outside to the back yard. For the last few days he has been wanting to do yard work all. the. time. So tonight when Chris mowed the front yard Otto was beyond excited to help, he actually squealed when I suggested that we get his mower out too:)
 Mowing is definitely his new favorite activity. "Mow? I do, hi-yah! Work." I'm going to count it as his first sentence, we've heard it many times over the last few days. (Hi-yah is his term for outside.)
He's very serious about what he's doing, I'm sure he assumes that his mower cut most of the yard.
Wait, now Daddy has the weed-eater...where do I get one of those?
He helped me sweep the sidewalks, but couldn't wait to get back to mowing:)
Chris hopes he keeps up this enthusiasm towards yard work in the future...a teenager that begs to mow? Yes please!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lydia the Pregnant Lady {Thirty-eight Weeks}

Slow on posts this week...I've picked up some kind of sinus infection and have been devoting the time not spent bemoaning my misery to working on the to-do list. It's still about a mile long but several big things have been crossed off! Her dresser and crib are in her room! Baby laundry is washed, just needs to be put away. I should really get on that so I can make a 'what we are missing' list. (Obviously my strong suit is making lists, not crossing things off.)

The Highlights:

How far along: 38 weeks.
How big is baby: Obviously growing, I measured my belly last night, 45.5 inches at my belly button. That's four and a half inches up from a few weeks ago. And according the the online formula that we tried yesterday, her predicted birth weight is 7 pounds 9 ounces. We will see. 
Weight gain/loss: 38.5 pounds up.
Maternity clothes: Are dumb. And don't really fit anymore. 
Stretch marks: Starting to hope that I can sneak through with no new ones developing...
Sleep: Not so great this week, sinus yuckiness and joint pain have both been in play. I want to sleep well, does that count for anything?
Best Moment of the Week: Seeing Sarah pictures and crossing things off the list! 
Movement: She has really slowed down. Two days ago it was really starting to bother me that she hadn't been moving so I laid down when Otto went down for his nap to track her movements. After several minutes of trying to wake her up, I started praying something along the lines of 'When should I start freaking out?!' and what do you know, I wasn't halfway through my pray when she got the hiccups. Being one of God's favorites is a very, very good thing. 
Symptoms: Peeing more than once at night now...maybe her head is finally engaged? Muscle cramps have also come back, probably because my body is fighting off sickness.
Food Cravings: Chickfila.
Gender: Girl! Although we did talk about what we would name a surprise boy. Most likely he would be an Arthur.
Labor Signs: Braxton hicks all over the place that don't go away with rest or water. Still take my breath away from the pressure but don't hurt at all. 
Belly button in or out: You can practically see it from space. 
What I am Looking Forward too: Abbey! She's coming up this weekend to be our slave middle of the night and we are in labor babysitter (hopefully Dos gets the memo and decides to come out while she's here...).
Daddy: Is in a rush to finish his school projects...and work projects, and crazy wife projects. Poor guy goes all day long but doesn't say a word when I order pizza instead of making dinner, or text him things like 'I swear we were productive just won't be able to tell when you see the train wreck that is our house.'. I really married a keeper people. He doesn't even blink when I eat second dinner a hour after the first. Good, good man.
Otto: Identified the color green correctly! (Lid of his snack cup while at the doctor's office, Daddy was there too, I didn't just imagine it!) All the jelly bean practice must be working--ha! This week we have heard a lot of  'I do'. He's into trying everything by himself...that being said we've also sat on the potty a few times at his request. Nothing of significance happened other than lots of grins, clapping, and Otto shrieking 'Bye-bye tee-tee!' while flushing the toilet, but if he wants to try we'll let him. *adds 'Buy child sized toilet lid' to the list*

This week's belly shot was taken last week at 37 weeks exactly. But trust me, it's much more flattering than what Chris and I would be able to come up with.
And a few more because my sister is awesome and makes me look pretty.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lydia the Pregnant Lady {Thirty-seven Weeks} (And a trip to the Zoo)

Ow, ow! 37 weeks baby! That's full term peeps. And let me tell you, I've been feeling it--straight up as big as a house this week. I don't feel like she's completely cooked at this point but in about a week and a half Dos will be getting an eviction notice from me. Everyday is one day closer to meeting her! 

The Highlights:

How far along: 37 weeks! So encouraging to know that she would most likely do well if she decided to come out now. Not that there have been any signs that she is planning an early appearance, most likely she'll drag her feet a little:)
How big is baby: Big. And she knows it. Silly girl likes to throw her weight around when something gets in her personal space. Babycenter says 19 inches and 6 1/3 pounds. 
Weight gain/loss: Weight check on Monday...feeling large and in charge.  
Maternity clothes: Yes.
Stretch marks: Stilling holding out with the original set.
Sleep: Broken by at least on trip to the bathroom and a couple of roll overs...good while I'm actually sleeping.
Best Moment of the Week: My sister came to visit and she took maternity pictures! Pretty exciting as she's the only person that has the skills to make me look glowingly pregnant when really I'm a sweating hippo. 
Movement: Still lots of pushing and slow movements, she startles to loud noises (mainly her brother) tries to get away from things that touch the outside of my belly.
Symptoms: HOT! And not in a good way, hormones be crazy. A few weeks ago linea nigra came back (much later than with Otto) and little brown spots popped up on my face, and they seem to be getting worse with sun exposure:(
Food Cravings: Bread is still pretty darn good. Salad was also delicious this week.
Gender: Girl!
Labor Signs: Less Braxton hicks than last week, but still happening more now than the past few months, we're definitely getting closer.
Belly button in or out: Changed the channel on my Pandora station last week while I was listening to music on my iPod. (Don't ask but I had it riding around on my bump, under my shirt, while sanding Dos' dresser and it slipped down to belly button range somehow.)
What I am Looking Forward too: Putting her room together, we finally have all the pieces, her crib came in yesterday!
Daddy: Working hard core on work and school projects, poor guy has quite a bit to get done (hopefully) before she makes her debut. Keeps talking about having a girl and what that's going to be like...I think it starting to sink in:)
Otto: Becoming more talkative by the day. On the way home today he was in the back chatting about 'AbbeyRoo' (Roo is what he'll most likely call Sarah, and we saw Abbey last weekend...I think he was trying to pair it with Aunt and came up with Abbey instead.) He also say, 'Twwoo, threeee, GO!' One still isn't cool I guess.

Today we planned a zoo trip to celebrate getting to 37 weeks. Sadly, Chris had an issue at work and couldn't take the morning off. I thought we were going to have to reschedule but at lunch he called to say the afternoon would work! Otto had taken an early nap so we hopped in the car and went! This week's bump picture is a little less bland:)
Really starting to beast it up. Israel, be impressed!
We had a great time; Dos and I got plenty of exercise;) I could barely waddle along at the guys pace, and they aren't speedy walkers. Otto loved it! This was pretty much his reaction to everything.
His favorite exhibits were the African animals; elephants, zebras, and monster koi swimming in the pond in the giraffe's pen.
At the orangutan pen he saw a sleeping monkey and told Chris and I to 'ssshhh'. We're working on his inside versus outside voice at home, but this was the first time he really applied it:) 
The orangutan actually really reminded me of my was sleeping with a lovey pulled over it's face!
This 'Man-made Bird Nest' made Chris laugh, birds nesting on power polls cause him quite a but of extra hassle at work. I gave Chris a hard time and had him pose for a picture.
While I was teasing him about smiling, Otto was behind me saying, 'Smile, smile.' He wanted his picture made too! He cracks me up, this is his poser face. 
This isn't a great picture, but his face really tells how he felt about the entire outing. I'm thinking we might have to get him a year pass for his birthday, he loved it!

Time to start betting on how much she will weigh and when she will come out. Chris thinks 7.14 on the May 4th (date all of his term projects are due), and I'm thinking 8.6 (why am I not guessing smaller?!) sometime during the first week of May. Let's hear what you're thinking!  

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend 2012

We made our last little trip to East Texas for awhile over Easter weekend. On Saturday we got to spend some time with Chris' family, and then on Sunday we had lunch with my parents, siblings, and grandparents. Otto had a blast and ate WAY too much candy. Here are pictures!

Our little family. Pretty sure the girls are out weighing the boys right now. 
Otto and his fan club!
Uncle Michael and Aunt Abbey
Uncle Justin and Lala
Uncle Sam and his brand new bling!
My parents are really developing quite the menagerie these days, much to Otto's delight. The newest additions are two guinea pigs and a wild, but surprisingly sweet, piglet.
Feeding the guinea pigs a snack.
Checking out the goats with MG.
At his Nana's, Otto opened his Easter basket by tossing things over his shoulder until he got to the chocolate. It took him about three seconds to open the package and scarf the bunny down.
First chocolate rabbit.
My father-in-law has a green thumb and started growing this pomegranate tree from a seed about four years ago. It is now over six feet tall and had baby pomegranates on it this year! How neat is that?
My parents recently had dirt brought in to do some landscaping. It is currently being utilized as a bike jump:-/
Otto had a terrific time getting dirty while the older guys, my Dad and Chris included, practiced their Tony Hawk impersonations. Chris was the only one to fully wipe out. (I believe there's a video floating around Facebook.)
Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lydia the Pregnant Lady {Thirty-six Weeks}

Thirty-six weeks, woot! Panic mode is officially happening at the Weldy house. I checked three things of the list today and a couple of big items should be completed tomorrow. We've got to get prepared!

I had my first cervical check this week...and we're exactly where we were at this point with Otto. 1cm dilated, soft cervix, and head down baby that isn't engaged. So maybe I shouldn't be panicking about the todo list? We probably have another six weeks to go:)

The Highlights:

How far along: 36 weeks!(For some reason this week feels a little anti-climatic? Next week will probably scare me straight though...)
How big is baby: Starting to top out in height but chunking up nicely, about 18.5 inches and six pounds according to the peeps at Babycenter. My girth is 41 inches so I believe them.
Weight gain/loss: 36 pounds up as of Monday. Look at that, staying on track with the weeks! (ha!) 
Maternity clothes: Are starting to fit wonky. They really just don't make maternity clothes for late third trimester people, everything is really for those cute 28 weeks pregnant bellies.
Stretch marks: The tops of a few previous marks have turned red but haven't grown yet. It's coming.
Sleep: Otto pushed me out of bed this morning, no lie. He just kept getting closer and closer until he was on my face and my only escape was to fall off the mattress...he continued sleeping for 45 minutes. Crazy boy thinks he's so big and should be the one sleeping on the edge. He also knows when you are pretending to still be asleep in the mornings. His current tricks are prying your eyes open with his fingers or lining his nose up with yours until you get tired of breathing in hot air. As soon as your eyes open he demands breakfast; growing boy needs to eat.
Best Moment of the Week: Ordering the crib! HUGE relief to have that on the way. (Procrastination was totally all my fault too.)
Movement: Not much, just lots of stretching and bumping. Occasionally she tries to reposition and man, it's uncomfortable.
Symptoms: Slightly more controlled hormones which has been nice, but I pee all the time. Also, food isn't as appealing anymore even though I'm hungry. Milk products are back to making me nauseous:(
Food Cravings: French bread. We've (Otto and I, Chris had one small piece) gone through two loaves with week. Bread and butter, better than cake.  
Gender: Girl!
Labor Signs: The Braxton hicks have really picked up, especially at night when I lay down to go to sleep...just like with Otto. I hope this doesn't mean we are going to repeat his labor:-\ Chris says not to worry, that we are going to eat steak for breakfast and be in labor by lunch.
Belly button in or out: I've avoided looking at it this's creepy. 
What I am Looking Forward too: Meeting this girl, but I am NOT looking forward to getting her here. My (Crazy AWESOME) friend Jenny had her little boy on Tuesday and totally rocked labor and delivery. And get this, Augustine was born with his hand by his face! Jenny is a rock star, that had to be insane.
Daddy: Just mis-guessed my waist size by seven inches, thanks a lot Weldy. Gave me a practice massage (for relaxation during labor) once this week, and for someone who's love language is not physical touch he really did a great job. Dos was a little freaked out though, she kept squirming trying to get away. I'm thinking she takes after her Dad in the touch department.
Otto: Got a two year old molar yesterday (k). I know he's going to be a big brother soon, but he needs to slow down just a bit. Really wants to learn how to count, so we are practicing quite a bit. His favorite number is two but he skips one entirely. Today we played in the back yard, he made a lovely mud pie in one of my mixing bowls with his favorite spatula. 'Mud' and 'dirt' are two of his most used words lately.