Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Uncle Michael is Visiting!

My littlest (but almost biggest) brother is visiting this week! Michael took the train from Mineola to Fort Worth on Sunday and has been entertaining us all week.
Not only is he fun to have around, he is also super helpful. He vacuums everyday (without me asking!), has mowed the yard, and today planted fresh flowers and mulched the bed in the front yard! I had him change one (wet) diaper and help me suction Otto's nose today (we have colds, boo) just so he can add it to his resume for the future. We like having him around!

Tonight we went to a neighborhood school so Chris and Michael could practice their basketball skills (they are going to play with some of Chris' co-workers tomorrow). While they played Otto and I explored the jungle gym.
All week Otto has been laying claim to Michael's cell phone. It's a flip phone and he thinks it's awesome. This afternoon he carried it around in his pocket:)
And just for laughs. Who wants to bet that in six weeks my bump will be bigger than Chris's? (Everything else already is, eek!)


  1. Y'all are so stinkin' cute! Just thought I should tell you. :)

  2. like the shoes Michael ! and soooo glad Lydia is getting extra help; just another advantage to large families ; D