Tuesday, March 13, 2012


We had lunch with our Bradley baby friends today. Otto was so excited about the little babies and Sloane was the first person he requested to see when we walked in the door. I hope he's as excited when we bring our baby girl home to live with us!
All of the little munchkins are getting so big. It's a little strange that the 'big kids' play by themselves now. They had a great time!

Big girl Joss.
Joss' little sister, Liv. She is such a mover, almost crawling!
Sweet Will is a little bit in love with Liv. He kept trying to get her attention and bringing her all the best toys;) Otto loved both the babies, but kept trying to pick Sloane up. He would give her a kiss and then tell her to 'Mer!'. She was very tolerant of his attentions, she is such a calm baby. She even managed a nap with a room full of busy, busy kids.
Charlotte is going to be a big sister in August! I'm so excited for their family and totally feel like it's a boy. Can't wait to find out!
Thanks for hosting Sarah, we love getting to see everyone!

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