Friday, March 23, 2012

Otto LOVES Uncle Michael

Otto loves his 'Umm My'. Like seriously, big fat puffy hearts him. And with good reason, only an Uncle would go to bat for you and talk your mother into letting you play in the mud.
Michael kindly offered to give Otto his bath tonight if  I'd let him get good and dirty first. Otto was THRILLED.
Have I mentioned that our backyard has a drainage issue? (Much better after the installation of the drain, but it rained yesterday and hasn't had time to dry out yet.)
Homeskillet even dug up an earthworm while playing, he thought it was fantastic. And Uncle Michael was true to his word and did all the clean-up:)


  1. Otto is so cute...even covered in mud! Maybe cuter!! Way to go Michael on talking her into letting y'all play in the mud (*I sure it was super difficult*) ;) and for doing all of the clean up! ((by the way, Michael does not look dirty enough! One hand and a spot on his shirt?!))

  2. Love tbe earthworm find,but EVERYONE here is missing Michael!