Friday, March 30, 2012

More Uncle Michael Visit Pictures

Michael went home yesterday afternoon.

We're all pretty sad about this, he was SO much help and great entertainment. Otto was disappointed last night that he couldn't tell 'Umm My' night-night at bedtime and today was a little bit of a stinker, probably because he wasn't happy that his playmate left. Tonight at dinner he started beat boxing, definitely something he picked up from his uncle. I thought it was strange to have leftovers...might take us a while to adjust.

A few days ago we went to a local park to wear Otto out before nap time and exercise the pregnant beast. Otto was pumped about getting to explore with Uncle Michael.

This is the resulting picture when using a 50mm lens for a sorority girl shot while pushing a stroller. Up close and personal.
Otto is a pretty fearless kid when it comes to risky things, so it didn't surprise me when he wanted to try every piece of playground equipment. Michael was a doll and followed him around so I could take pictures.
They went down the tallest slide together.
The second time up he decided that he would do it by himself and took off before Michael could catch him! Thankfully he didn't launch off the end of the slide because I wasn't close enough to stop him if he had. *new gray hair sprouts* He LOVED it.
For the record, this is the slide. My 20 month old is a thrill seeker:-\
Michael rode the train home. It was delayed, so while we waited the guys explored the train station and tried to catch pigeons.
A sweet employee gave Otto a conductors hat and a coloring book all about trains. Otto was pretty impressed with the activity of trains coming and going. The loud noises didn't bother him at all but Baby Dos didn't like it at all. She kept startling when a train would pull into the station.
Otto was a total ham and introduced himself to just about everyone waiting for the train to arrive. He's such an outgoing kid.

We're so glad that you got to visit Michael! Come back anytime!

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