Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lydia the Pregnant Lady {Thirty-four Weeks}

The Highlights:

How far along: 34 weeks. Six weeks (!) from her due date, or seven and a half from when her brother made his debut...any guesses on when she will make an appearance?
How big is babyAbout the size of a cantaloupe although she looks more like a watermelon tucked under my shirt.
Weight gain/loss: 35 pounds up. Depressing, I tell you. I know it has to happen and it is for a very good cause, but ugh, it's no fun.
Maternity clothes: This week has been all about the pajama pants and baggy t-shirts. We've got mucous and slime coming from everywhere, so it's been comfy clothes all the way. 
Stretch marks: Still avoiding any new ones but there are a few areas that are starting to look suspicious...I give them two weeks. 
Sleep: This week has made me realize that it could be much worse. Waking up to roll over? Get over it Lydia...sleeping propped up right with a cold and a toddler on your face is much more difficult. Doable, but difficult.
Best Moment of the Week: Michael time!
Movement: She's all up in my business. You can tell that her space is shrinking, her movements are smaller but make my entire belly shake.
Symptoms: No real swelling this week! Yay! The belly is getting crazy big though and people have started treating me with kid gloves...if they only knew this little girl isn't going to come flying out anytime soon. This week a cashier had me cut in line so we could check out, not really sure why...but I guess I look like I'm about to pop? Won't she be surprised when I'm back in a few weeks and am still pregnant, freakishly pregnant. 
Food Cravings: Food was food this week, no complaints!
Gender: Girl!
Labor Signs: Couple of braxton hicks.
Belly button in or out: Had a talk with my doctor about it this this point it's just creepy looking (Maybe that's why I'm getting preferential treatment in stores! 'That girl is crazy pregnant, but her bellybutton looks like the pull pin on a grenade, let her through!' ), but after she gets here the only option for fixing the hernia is surgical. Not feeling like that will happen, can you imagine having lifting restrictions with two munchkins? No thank you. It will only be a necessary thing if my intestines decide to make an escape attempt though my abdominals. 
What I am Looking Forward too: Starting to really look forward to meeting this girl. The suspense on what she will look and be like is getting to me!
Daddy: Has enjoyed having Michael around too. I think he likes having someone else who enjoys a bowl of late night cereal around the house.
Otto: Has learned to give fist bumps today (so cute!), and picked up some new words as well. Umm My (Uncle Michael), eww (in reference to all the slime around the house this week), and dude. Desperately needs a haircut, hopefully he and Daddy can do that together this weekend. He has been bringing me hair ties and headbands to put in his hair..I'm pretty sure Chris will take him soon;)

No picture today, pajamas and greasy hair are never flattering.  At least I posted one belly shot this week!

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