Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lydia the Pregnant Lady {Thirty-five Weeks}

35 weeks and only 35 days to go at this point! (Until her due date--give or take, oh, ten days.) Woohoo! And you better believe I'm excited about this, some symptoms of pregnancy aren't so great...the crazy pregnant lady hormones have shown up and psycho Lydia is in the house. Pretty sure my guys are running scared;)

The Highlights:

How far along: 35 weeks!
How big is baby: 18 inches and over five pounds. From my guessing she's large. Last night she wedged herself under my rib cage and it was so uncomfortable it woke me up. 
Weight gain/loss: Still claiming 35 pounds although I have a sinking suspicion its more than that...want to know the real reason pregnant girls waddle? They don't like the feeling of their thighs rubbing together. 
Maternity clothes: I've outgrown Old Navy and Motherhood's styles. I found another extra long undershirt at Ross this week which is fantastic, keeps the belly from catching a draft with loose style shirts. It also helps hold the belly button down, double bonus!
Stretch marks: Still nothing new, I'm shocked.
Sleep: Eh. Goodish. Otto has slept the full night in his bed for the last two nights and surprisingly I slept worse. Chris and I both felt like someone was missing. I see a large family bed in our future.
Best Moment of the Week: Making major progress on her dresser! It's a huge project on the todo list and Michael really helped me get it done. Now Chris just needs to re-stain it and I can cross it off completely!
Movement: More shifting and pressure than actual movement. She's running out of space! 
Symptoms: Heartburn, how I've missed you. NOT. Hormones have also been whack this week, several days had me wanting to punch something for no reason. The poor guys have been very patient with me for sure. 
Food Cravings: I've been living with a 16 year old boy for the last week and a half, I'm a little fooded (new word!) out. That guy can eat! He's kinda like a newborn in that respect, every two hours It's impressive really. 
Gender: Girl!
Labor Signs: A couple of more serious Braxton hicks this week. One woke me in the middle of the night from all the pressure (no pain), made me realize that death by boa constrictor would not be the way to go. 
Belly button in or out: Out and so is about a half inch of the perimeter. Gorgeous I tell you.
What I am Looking Forward too: Not labor for sure, but definitely meeting this girl and (selfishly) not being pregnant anymore.
Daddy: Told me the belly was impressive today. Dang skippy it is, there's a pretty awesome little person is there! He has promised to help calm my crazies this weekend and work on the (self professed ridiculous) todo list that I've come up with...he doesn't panic about all that needs to be done--I do enough of it for the both of us.
Otto: Took one look at my stomach this morning and said, 'Ball!'. It was strangely flattering, balls are his favorite toy. He turned 20 months this week (Sunday) and has taken off with his verbal communication. Michael wants it stated for the record that he taught him 'Dude' and 'Buddy'. Otto is also currently sporting two skinned knees, acquired at different times, thanks to the warm weather and shorts that we have been wearing. I hadn't realized how protective his blue jeans were:( 
Uncle Michael: Probably scarred for life. He told me that I haven't been acting too crazy, but I'm sure he's a little terrified of pregnant girls now.  He has put up with me beautifully though and was so much help, he did dishes and vacuumed pretty much every day! In ten years he's going to be quite the catch:)
Pen marks on my arm courtesy of my favorite one year old.


  1. You look beautiful Lydia!! Not much longer and we get to meet the amazing little girl!! :)

  2. I agree with Angela, you are Beautiful!!! And I can't wait to meet the little lady :-)