Friday, March 2, 2012

Chris in Spandex

How's that for a title? ;)

Guess who rode his bike to work today? Eleven miles in about an hour, that he said would have been faster if he hadn't been chased by a goose (personal nightmare for me) and taken a couple of wrong turns. The man is a beast.
He left just as it was getting light out, about 6:15. Doesn't he look WAY too excited for that early in the morning?

Very impressive Honey, Otto and I are proud of you! One, for actually enjoying physical exercise, and two, for doing it in the equivalent of a pair of Spanx with flashing lights attached;) Call us if you need a ride home!


  1. I am super proud Chris. One hour for eleven miles... that is crazy awesome!

  2. Way to go Chris! Hopefully there are bike lanes & such on the ride to work .