Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Bunch of Randoms

Chris made it home Friday just fine. He was starving though and said the hardest part was riding past all the houses that were starting their weekend with a barbeque. This week hasn't yielded a ride to work yet, the weather and a certain toddler who has decided to sleep with his parents has put a hold extra's amazing how much sleeping with an octopus takes out of you.

Speaking of Otto, he's such a cute mess right now. Still eating every five minutes, with the first word out of his mouth in the mornings being, "Oatmeal?" He has started calling Chris "Honey". Pretty darn cute. He is also into giving five (I bive!) and insists on clapping afterwards.

Sadly on Sunday afternoon he got into a fire ant nest and is now sporting bites all over his left hand. Thankfully he's having a normal reaction and his body isn't freaking out like mine would. The bites don't seem to be bothering him, which is funny because he is so into everything hurting right now. This morning he gave me five at breakfast and immediately starting cradling his hand and saying "Ow, ow!". He so strong his high fives hurt! A kiss with a little reassurance and he's fine.

I almost died yesterday in JoAnn's. Sudden onset food poisoning, I think. Much better now, but holy cow, talk about a rough cleaning of the system. Thankfully the bathroom was near and we can still shop the store, I don't know were I would be if we couldn't go back, favorite fabric store in the area. (We bought fabric to try making crib sheets!)

The consignment sale was Monday. Not a lot of things for kids Otto's size, (I think parents wise up and realize buying everything new is expensive.) but there was a lot to look through for Baby Dos. We bought some cute summer dresses, and few sleepers (being specific this time, zippers only! So much easier in the middle of the night.), and a couple of bubble suits that were just too cute to pass up. Little girl things are so pink and frilly! Chris didn't quite understand why I bought a few outfits just because they have ruffles on the bottom! But he will, just wait until he see's her wearing them:)

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