Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Otto's 18 Month Check-up

So. I thought I had blogged everything in January, but I totally didn't. Otto had his 18 month well baby check-up and I need to record the stats so I don't forget!

Weight: 25 pounds 14 ounces, 50th percentile. He keeps trending down on the weight chart, hopefully we start holding steady soon. He is eating better these days, but only if we let him feed himself.
Height: 35 inches, over the 95th percentile. Big kid!

(I'm a little worried that we'll have to turn his car seat around sooner than we planned, he only has about 1/2 inch before he surpasses the height limit for rear facing:-/ Anybody else had that problem? We have a Britax Marathon and everything I've read says the baby's head should be no higher than one inch below the top of the seat.)

We also had a check-up for Baby Dos this week (Monday). It was the dreaded (at least for me!) diabetes test and so I got to enjoy orange flavored syrup first thing in the morning. I've been having a nauseous week and it definitely didn't sit well. Otto went to the appointment with me and was excellent in the waiting room and quietly ate a snack while I got my blood drawn and saw the doctor. He's a trooper! And when we got home he immediately took a  two hour nap and so did I, the sugar crash is ridiculous!

Dos is doing great. Her heartbeat was in the 160's and I can really feel her movements now. We're at the point were body parts are becoming easier to pinpoint, she has a fondness for sticking her bottom in my ribs. I'm also doing quite well...24 pounds up. Yea. (Not!) Our next appointment is in two weeks (!!), this pregnancy is really picking up speed!

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