Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Operation Get Otto Back on Schedule

Otto has been a regular little night owl this week. Three out of the past four nights he has stayed up until ten despite our best efforts to get everyone ready and in bed by eight. (Parents included, I told you we're old!) This development is not so cool...he's obviously tired, but is afraid that he's missing something by being in bed. We've tried just about everything (same bed time routine, rocking, resettling) and so has he--down to the 'I'm hungry Mommy.' Every night about nine you hear his little voice over the monitor saying, "Oatmeal? Hot." And yes, we totally get him up and feed him again. Maybe he's growing? 
He sleeps well once he finally falls asleep, waking up about 8:00am. He's ready for a nap by 11:00 and sleeps for about two and a half hours. Physically I feel like he's ready for bed about 7:30pm but he just can't let himself miss out on whatever we are doing. So today we made an effort to completely wear him out so bedtime won't be a fight.

We had oatmeal for breakfast, told Daddy bye-bye, and then got ready for the day. We browsed through Target, where Otto got his own pop-corn (major favorite) and a new toothbrush/tooth paste. Hopefully Toy Story toothpaste makes brushing less of a struggle.
Poor kiddo almost crashed in the car on our five minute ride home (these late nights really are wearing him out!) and he went straight down for his nap when we got home. Get this. While we were cuddling the rocking chair broke! Snapped right down the middle. I cried. Because one, it is the rocking chair that my grandfather gave my mother, and two, I am a fat pig! A water retaining sea cow in fact. I broke a solid wood chair without even trying!
(I called my mom, she's fine. And Chris can fix it so we're good, but still!)
After his nap we stopped at a local community college that just remodeled their pool. I was hoping that they would be offering little people swimming lessons (only indoor pool near us), but sadly they aren't yet. Otto had a great time exploring the campus and telling every person we passed "Hi!"

We also stopped at the neighborhood primary school (after school hours) and played on the play ground for a bit. We hadn't visited that particular playground yet, and Otto was thrilled to explore it. He was all about the 'wings!' and kept climbing up to the highest point of the jungle gym, trying to make me nervous I'm sure!
His hair had a run in with a bottle of hairspray.
All day I've been offering him food, trying to fill him up so hopefully he won't be starving at bedtime. He ate really well at dinner (once before Chris got home and then again with Daddy), so I'm crossing my fingers we won't have a repeat of the last few nights.

I just put him down and he was happy about it, even told Chris "night, night" and let me brush his teeth without complaint, so we'll see!

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  1. awwww Lydia... joys of parenthood huh? I've been a morning person all of my life, so going to be bed at 10 is late for me lol. I'm up @ 530!

    Try feeding Otto a snack before bed, or even a bowl of oatmeal. Otto wanting something to eat is normally just something to get out of bed. Just let stay in his crib... eventually he'll go to sleep. If he cries let him cry,if he's just up, let him fall asleep IN his crib. He will. If he climbs out of his crib and comes out, put him back in it.

    The chair can probably be fixed with some wood glue. (and maybe some duct tape lol... duct tape fixes everything!)