Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lydia the Pregnant Lady {Twenty-seven Weeks}

Twenty-seven weeks?! Wowza, this is going fast. CHRIS! We need to work on her room! And name her! And make a playlist of labor music! And buy her shoes! And....*head explodes*

The Highlights:
How far along: Twenty-seven weeks. Some baby count downs claim this is the start to the third trimester.
How big is baby: Two pounds, and about the size of a head of cauliflower. 14 1/2 inches fully stretched out.
Weight gain/loss: I haven't weighed recently. I've found it doesn't help me eat better, just less. And I have to eat...general yuck happens when I don't. This girl (Dos) likes her cheese burgers with bacon and cookies.
Maternity clothes: I actually bought some! Otto and I spent two days browsing every store that has a maternity department and found a couple of tops that should work until the end and a pair of (full panel) jeans. We celebrated by playing at the mall playground. (Gasp! Yes, it's full of germs but he LOVED it.)
Stretch marks: I wouldn't go plural here, it's more like one continuous, ridiculous mark. 
Sleep: I'm ready for bed by eight.
Best Moment of the Week: Third trimester?
Movement: Yes, and I'm started to be able to tell her position from it.
Symptoms: Dang leg cramps are back. They are an excellent reminder to take my mineral supplement;) The arch of my right foot is especially retarded.
Food Cravings: Tomatoes are still an absolute no. Raw, cooked, ketchup...taste great but make me so nauseous. 
Gender: A girl! 
Labor Signs: Random Braxton Hicks, but not many. 
Belly button in or out: Out and clean;) When was the last time you could really clean all the crevices of your belly button? Otto thinks it's hilarious, and laughs when he pulls up my shirt. It's a real confidence booster to get laughed at by a one-year-old.
What I am Looking Forward too: Getting her room completed started!
Daddy: Thinks my new jeans are sexy.  Wishes he could have a pair just like them. You should have seen his face when I explained that the spandex that pretty much goes to my armpits was actually part of the pants.
Otto: Called me Mama today without being prompted! (He had an owie that he needed kissed.) He's also into snuggling before bed/naps, and he ate cheese. It's been a week of huge changes:) 
Jeans brought to you by The Gap.

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  1. Bananas help w/leg cramps too. If you can eat them, some people don't like them.

    Go ahead and have the burgers and bacon, only time in life where you can enjoy food and not feel too guilty. :-) the pregnancy weight will fall off after delivery plus breastfeeding so don't worry.