Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lydia the Pregnant Lady {Twenty-nine Weeks}

The Highlights:
How far along: 29 weeks.
How big is baby: 2 1/2 pounds and about 15 inches.  
Maternity clothes: The only thing that's not are my pajamas and they should be, nothing like sleeping in a belly shirt.  
Stretch marks: More evident this week...I think as the belly grows they'll just become more obnoxious, they had faded quite nicely. (Or maybe I had just gotten used to them...)
Sleep: Is a beautiful, beautiful thing right now.
Best Moment of the Week: Finally winning an auction on eBay. This may seem lame, but I've been stalking cute little girl outfits for several weeks now, and finally won! It's a patriotic bubble suit that should fit for the fourth of July. 
Movement: All the time. Especially when something is resting on my belly (my arm, when I lay on my side, her brother's face when he's blowing raspberries), she really doesn't seem to like people invading her personal space. 
Symptoms: The brown spots are back! When I was pregnant with Otto some pigment spots on my face, and they are coming back. But, I don't have Linea nigra this time which is interesting.
Food Cravings: Bagels have been pretty darn good this week. Cinnamon raisin if you're swinging by with breakfast. Avocados are also delicious.
Gender: A girl! 
Labor Signs: None.
Belly button in or out: Out and itchy. I think it might be trying to develop a new stretch mark, something I didn't even think was possible at this point...not much room left for more!
What I am Looking Forward too: Meeting this little person!
Daddy: Seems to think he's getting a little pudgy, and has started biking to fix the problem. Why does he do this to me while I'm pregnant?! I'm pretty sure subconsciously freaking a little about how roly-poly I'm getting, not that he would ever admit it. This happened with Otto too, although it was at about 24 weeks.
Otto: Still waking up in the middle of the night but not starving anymore...I think now something is actually scaring him:( He doesn't want to go back to sleep by himself either, so for the last few nights we've finished the night in the guest room. (If he sees Daddy he assumes it's playtime.) Last night was better though and he stayed in his bed all night!
I thought about caking on some make-up for the picture, but decided to keep it honest...I totally went to the grocery store looking like this today.

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