Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lydia the Pregnant Lady {Thirty Weeks}

75% of the way done! Woohoo! That's exciting and scary all at the same time. I feel like we haven't done really anything to prepare for her arrival:( If she decided to show up early we'd be fine, all the big needs we already have. Yesterday I was feeling some major this week hopefully I'll make some progress on 'just for Dos' things.

The Highlights:
How far along: 30 weeks.
How big is baby: Close to three pounds and about 15.7 inches long.  
Maternity clothes: I didn't buy anything new this week, which I'm proud of myself for...generally when I start feeling frumpy the first thing I do is buy something new that fits, because you know, that makes you feel better.
Stretch marks: I seriously think they are trying to expand their territory! My belly has been pretty itchy lately...:(
Sleep: This also gets a frowny face...I've been exhausted lately, but sleep has been hard to come by. If I wake up in the middle of the night I'm up for at least 45 minutes. Super dumb.
Best Moment of the Week: Getting a haircut! (Just a trim, but it makes a girl feel good.)
Movement: Very consistent this week. 
Symptoms: I had puffy feet last night! I'm hoping it was something I ate or didn't eat, or the fact that I wore slip-ons while walking...not ready to be swollen all the time. (I'm taking my vitamins/minerals, eating protein like a boss, and walking daily...sadly, it seems like I'm a sweller. Boo.)
Food Cravings: After my obstetrician appointment on Monday I had a 10:00 am in the morning. And it was delicious. Dos appreciates red meat, she must be related to Chris.
Gender: Girl!
Labor Signs: None.
Belly button in or out: It's crooked now. Points to the right and makes Chris (and Otto) laugh out loud. If you're having a bad day let me know and I'll text you a picture.
What I am Looking Forward too: All the girly things I'm going to make this week! (I will, I will, I will.)
Daddy: Has a new 'man chair'. Otto and I found a (slightly hideous, but very comfortable) leather recliner today while thrifting and brought it home for Daddy. (It will also serve as a midnight snooze and nursing spot when Dos makes her debut, as my great weight snapped our original rocker in two.) Chris is very happy with it. He says all he needs now is a man cave to put it in.
Otto: Is a regular little monkey. Since bringing the new chair home, all of five hours ago, he has learned how to jump from it to the loveseat and back again. Now I know why my pediatrician warned me about major accidents at his last appointment. *sprouts a few new gray hairs* He also decided this week that he likes broccoli again. We subsequently had it for dinner three times,  because I am thrilled with this development.

(Picture not included because 1. I didn't shower today, 2.It's ten o'clock and my bedtime was two hours ago, and 3. I'm lazy.)

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