Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

We had a great day. It was really beautiful outside and Otto and I got to enjoy it with a walk to deliver cupcakes to the neighbors. He, no kidding, dressed up to make his deliveries! While I was getting my shoes he picked out a tie (blue with snowflakes) and applied a little of his Dad's cologne:) The 14 month old down the street was very impressed with his style.
We made these cupcakes, and they are delicious! Ours weren't quite as pink but they are yummy. Great strawberry cake recipe if you need one;) They were a great addition to dinner tonight (that was centered around bacon and asparagus) too!

Chris and I got to celebrate a little early last Friday. We hired an actual babysitter and went on a date! And I was okay! We might even do it again before Dos gets here:)
Amy, the sitter, (and my oldest sister's college roommate, speaks German, and is currently in seminary) said she had a great time playing with our very active little man and offered to be a back up if Dos decides to come flying out (ha!) and family can't get here to be with Otto.

Otto had a pretty good time too and woke up the next morning asking where Amy was:)
We went out to dinner, trying a new Mexican place down the street. It tops the list currently!
We had planned to go to a movie, but only the super scary (I can't handle them at all) shows had tickets available. Apparently romantic comedies sell out around Valentines, just fyi. So we went to the mall and wandered instead:)
It was just a little strange to be kid-less and out so late. (10:00pm-gasp!) But it was also fun to be Chris and Lydia for the night too--something we definitely need to work on repeating.

Happy Valentines!

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