Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Busy Times

And all of the sudden it's been almost a week since I've blogged...How does that happen?

We've had quite a few things going on around here recently. Today we closed on a refinance of our home mortgage, in our house believe it or not. (Chris recently read The Great Crash Ahead by Harry Dent and we have subsequently changed our future financial goals.) It was terrific not having to go to a specified location to sign everything, made everything happen much faster!

Our backyard, which slopes upward, has been having drainage issues due to the recent large rainstorms (Yay for rain!). For the last few weeks it's been practically under water:( Super sad because we've had some gorgeous days lately and playing in the front yard is difficult due to the fact that Otto is fast these days. Last Friday we had an existing surface drain extended to hopefully fix part of the issue.

The crew that came did an excellent job and Otto was so impressed with their shovels and the fact that they were getting to play in the dirt.
The guys on the crew were very kind to Otto which was a good thing because he kept trying to micromanage their work! He lectured ninety percent of the time they were there.
They had to work around the underground power line, communications cable, and our internet line. They also tunneled under the sidewalk; I don't envy them at all! Otto offered advice at every step, and he as super serious about it. It was not a laughing matter, what he had to say was serious business.

I told him that watching was just fine but he had to stay out of the way. We sat at the top of the drive against the garage and he was told to stay on his bottom. It was SO hard for him to just sit and watch! He kept scooting down the drive on his bottom:)
Isn't his face hysterical? He was so, so serious.
They drilled a hole though the curb. Made me so grateful that we hired someone to do this, we would have had to cut a hole in the concrete and patched it!
 The finished product! If we hadn't been home, I don't think I would have realized they were there!
Thankfully the new drain has been helping--we got an additional two inches of rain the night after it was installed. Hopefully the back yard will dry out soon!

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