Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ultrasound Results! (Take Two!)

So, after yesterday morning's lovely disaster we went to our twenty-two week check-up on Baby Dos. (We even made it on time!)

Baby Dos checked out wonderfully, which was a relief. At the first ultrasound there were a few things that concerned our obstetrician (and us) but thankfully everything looks perfect now! Our little munchkin is somewhere around a pound and two ounces!  

And there were a few late entries into the "Be the First to Know, Send me Embarrassing Pictures to Post on the Internet" contest. Great pictures too! Abbey and Michael definitely won:)
They painted themselves pink and blue, corresponding with their guesses, and Michael even dyed his hair blue! (My poor Dad was not impressed and had him try to cover it with brown with resulted in green. Can't wait until Otto is a teenager!) This entry, even though late pretty much rocked and they were the first people we called with the news:)

Here's another peek at our LITTLE GIRL! Isn't she beautiful?!
Sucking her thumb again! She punched the ultrasound wand and immediately put it back in her mouth, this one is definitely my child!
We are so excited that Otto is going to have a little sister, we think he will do a wonderful job as a big brother. He's been practicing with his dolly:)

Yay for Team Pink! Bring on the girl shopping and room decorating!

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