Saturday, January 7, 2012

Park, Pizza, and Pictures!

We had a great slow day at home today. Lots of down time and some playing in the backyard.
Otto LOVES his Dad and thinks he is the funniest thing around. (Chris was making crazy faces behind me.) He is also into being big and wearing Daddy's things, today it was his safety glasses and yesterday it was Chris' boxers as a hat.
Look at those chompers! Otto got 16 teeth over the last year, I am so happy that we get a little break before the two-year molars come in. (hopefully!)

We picked up pizza (Otto says 'piz-za, piz-za', always twice:)) for dinner after a stop at a new park that the munchkin and I discovered this week. Otto was so, so excited to see the play ground equipment and took off running as soon as his feet hit the ground.
He immediately went to the tallest slide and slid right down, almost flipping over the side! Mommy and Daddy are fuddy-duds so we moved to the little people side of the jungle gym.

This guy loves slides!
Love Chris' face in this picture, Otto is trying to throwing himself down the slide and Daddy is putting on the breaks!
The swings were also a big hit. (The light was fading and he was moving quickly, picture quality goes down.)
They tried the merry-go-round, which Otto thought was great. It was hard to catch them, they were moving so qucikly! Otto stumbled around like a little drunken sailor when they stopped:)
I love this stage so much, he is just so much fun right now. Everything that we do is new and exciting! Poor kiddo burst into tears when we had to leave:(

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