Monday, January 30, 2012

The Korean Weldy's are back in Texas!

Daniel, Jackie, and Addison are back from Korea! This time they are back for good, and will be moving to a base here in Texas (!!!) in February. They are using their saved vacation time to spend a little time with family.
We drove down for a brief visit on Friday, Chris was anxious to see this little girl (and her parents!). He really is quite the softy when it comes the Addison, I can't wait to see the number our little girl does on him.
Sweet Addison decided against napping all day and was quite the trooper, but you could tell she exhausted by the end of the day.
She and Otto played really well together. They are five months apart and similar in coloring and size, most people would assume twins at first glance. Both are really into dirt and digging right now; their clothes were a mess!
All of Lisa's babies! Reverse age order (from left to right) Daniel, Angela, and Chris.

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