Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jenny's Baby Shower

Woohoo! This will finish up all of the January posts IN January! Now if I could just fold the mountain of laundry on the couch my life would be pretty caught-up...

One of my college roommates, Jenny, is expecting a little boy in April. Her sister hosted a baby shower for her last Saturday and I was so excited to go. Even though Jenny and her husband Forrest live in DFW they are over an hour away and so I hadn't seen the pregnant version of Jenny yet. She is super cute, and we totally rubbed bellies and compared bellybuttons. (Mine wins, and Dos is a month younger than her little man...eek!)
The pregnant girls at the shower--Me, Jenny, and Christy.
Jenny's older sister, Christy, is expecting too, due in July. Tammy was excited to be the 'skinny' sister currently. I think it's fun that these little cousins will be so close in age.
Jenny, Tammy, and Christy
The shower was great, lots of family came, and Augie (Augustine Ransom--love their name choice!) received lots of things that he'll need. His great Aunt (I believe) made two adorable quilts that will match his nursery and make wonderful play mats. I loved all of the handmade things, I think they make the best gifts. His soon-to-be Aunt Seguin made the cake and it was delicious.
A few more shower guests. Leigh blogs too and has an adorable six month old named Ellie. She also takes beautiful pictures in the Houston area if you need a photographer!
Leigh with Ellie, Jenny, and Stuart
It was great to spend a few hours with other mommies and old friends while Chris and Otto had manly bonding time. And bond they did...Chris made the unfortunate mistake of putting Otto down for a nap without pants and had a repeat of the mess we dealt with a few weeks ago. Poor Daddy! Needless to say, neither of us will forget to make sure he's fully dressed from now on. 


  1. Yay! Great post ; ) I think you wrote a much better synopsis than I did! Ha.

  2. Just put his onesie on backwards.

    1. Hi DannielleSB! He doesn't wear onesies anymore...they are too hard to find in 24 months/2T or trust me, we'd have this situation in check!