Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

We spent New Year's Eve here at home and had a great day. According to Chris, we will be starting the New Year off right each year by ushering it in with work...I was hoping we would start a tradition of napping, but oh well. ;)

We raked leaves in the back yard--Otto helped with the raking and bagging, but wasn't really impressed with jumping in the piles. I tried to encourage him by hiding a ball in the pile but he just gave me a scornful look and fished it out. Maybe next year!
 Otto is still recovering from his head cold and hasn't been eating well at all. (Like barely enough to sustain a humming bird for the last three days, but managed to out grow his size 4 diapers?!) We tried to tempt him at lunch with an odd variety of foods. He eats better for Chris so Daddy helped him take bites. (Today he did much better, hopefully the trend will continue!)
After lunch Otto spent a little snuggle time on the couch watching Yo Gabba Gabba while Daddy and I got started on reorganizing the garage. Thankfully he has started to enjoy DVD's, it's has made it a little easier to handle this cold. (Chris and I can sing ALL of the songs.)
We spent most of the afternoon in the garage separating garage sale items, putting Christmas things in the attic, and rearranging to make more space to get in and out of the cars. Otto was trapped in the pack'n'play most of the time and he was not amused. He was more interested in running down the street (half dressed, he sheds clothes as the day goes on) than cleaning however, so in the pack'n'play he stayed.
Chris also got to try out his new saw, cutting trim to frame the builder mirrors in the master bath. Hopefully we'll get them glued on and painted tomorrow!
That evening we had black eyed peas and corn bread for dinner. (And for lunch today, I love them!) Otto got his finger stuck in a thermos and was a little nervous that it might be permanent.
Thankfully, Daddy came to the rescue with the vegetable oil. (And you can see, Otto immediately was fine and wanted the thermos lid back. Crazy kiddo.)
We're still working on our goals for the new year, there will be a lot of change in the next few months and we need to prepare!

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