Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Great Name Debate.

Long time no see! I have excuses. I planned to post every night while at my parents (home now) to keep Chris updated on our days but sadly managed to fry the hard drive in my computer on the second day...like completely fried, wouldn't even turn on, bad. Chris is a genius and has fixed it for me, but it's like having a new computer and everything needs to be reinstalled:( And I left my camera cord in Lindale. I'm so collected these days it's not even funny. So how about a picture-less post until I can get it together?  

This naming business is flat out hard. Chris and I tend to be procrastinators by nature so having a name picked out months in advance really isn't our style. We went to the hospital with several choices, but only two real competitors with Otto and that's probably what will happen with Baby Dos as well. But we need to get a move on and come up with some options! Girl names have always been hard for us, help please?

Here are our criteria: (ish)
We aren't into super frilly, girly names. Things that end in with an 'ah' sound or a 'y', don't really appeal, more direct names seem to attract our attention. Our preferences seem to be more androgynous with traditional spellings, something everyone is familiar with but not using. We don't want her to be Emily W. all of her life. (Nothing against the name Emily, it's just been in the top ten for too long. Also, Emily Weldy is a little repetitive on the y endings.) Nothing new or made up, we like names that have been around for awhile.

Our current list of possibilities include: 

First Names: (Number is where the name ranks in the top 1000 baby names in the US last year.)
Meredith: "protector of the sea" 603, dropping in popularity over the last ten years. This was our girl name with Otto, still love it. Our only difficulty is finding a middle name that fits. Possible nickname of Merry.
Merritt/Merit: "little famous one, deserving of good fortune" Not in the top 1000 names. New to our list, really growing on us. (I think we are liking 'M' names?) Different, but known. Would need a more feminine middle name because of it's gender neutral status. Could be nicknamed Merry just like Meredith. (How would you spell it?)
Vivian: "full of life, vibrant" 158 and climbing. Great meaning, feels a little old school, but trending up again. (Maybe too fast, boo.) Brings to mind a confident, happy person to me. Chris might not be as sold on this one. Possibly ruined by Angelina Jolie.

Middle Names:
Grey: "grey-haired" Not ranked. Love this. And Chris is completely behind Meredith Grey, but I just can't do it because the lead character in Grey's Anatomy has the same name. Five years from now it most likely won't matter, but it does right now and I just can't do it. Sadness, because it pretty much fits our 'ideal name' specifications.
Anne: "favor, grace, prayer" 608. Simple, classic, I like it a lot. The only problem is it starts with a vowel and for a girl who's last name most likely will change in the future, initials are important. They would be MAW or VAW, but could change to just about anything, some not so pretty like MAR, VAT, MAD...see where this could go wrong? (This is also my mother's middle name.)
Tess: "variation of Theresa meaning harvester" 810. Simple and to the point. I'm not sure I like the way it pairs with Merritt, seems to flow together when you say the full name.
Afton: "unknown" River in Scotland referenced in the poem 'Sweet Afton' by Robert Burns. Also made into a song by Nickel Creek (Chris's favorite band). We both really like it but again, it starts with a vowel which makes it difficult to pair with our current first name choices.
May/Mae: "kinswoman" Mae is 988, May isn't ranked. Too much if she is actually born in the month of May? Love the simpleness and antique feel.

Weigh in and give your honest options on what names mesh well together or don't? And new names to add to the list! Anything that you think would fit our 'style' would be great!  (This is your chance to voice your opinions family! After she's here its final:))

PS: Otto dumped an entire bottle of water on himself while we were driving home from the park this afternoon. He thought it was HILARIOUS that his jeans weighed five pounds and was laughing while he walked (waddled) into the house to change. Such a boy. He also lost the use of his hands this morning and had to eat his snack of almonds and raisins like an anteater.


  1. Meredith Grey would be just too weird. :-)

    I like Meredith for a first name,Merritt for me has a bad attachment and Vivian just doesn't seem like a Weldy kind of name

    in choosing Meredith, Grey would be out, Anne is calssic, Tess could work, Afton kinda sound like a last name to me?, and Mae is cute but could be too southern for your taste Meredith Mae Weldy, cute ring. I will call her M&M :-D

  2. I knew a girl once named Merrin. I thought her name was neat. Do NOT name your child Meredith Grey...cause that would be like Grey's Anatomy. I, too, love the middle name Mae, but people might always think you named her after Mae West, who was a big 'ol floosie...but probably not if it is just her middle name. On the first name list I vote Merritt and on the second I vote Anne. Excited for youuu!!!

  3. I'm a Meredith! Honestly, I didn't like it growing up. When all my friends were Lindsays and Ashleys and Allisons, I felt a bit unusual. As a teen and adult it has really grown on me. Having Meredith Grey step into the picture helped--at least most people have heard of it now and I don't have to repeat myself 5 times, but it's not so common that there is ever more than one Meredith in a group. My family called me Meri (Merry) when I was small and most friends now call me Mere (rhymes with bear) or Mer (like Myrrh). I like Anne with it (my middle name is Diane).

  4. Ahhh let's see: Out of your list Meredith Anne. (even if it makes me think of Meredith Vierra) The others well not my taste (lol but it's not my baby huh?).

    Not sure where on a list these come but here a few of my suggestions.


    Sue (my middle,my mom's and my sister's)

  5. I love the name Merit! I also like the name Harper....Elizabeth is a great name (my middle name)....Mabel (old fashion but awesome).

    You can have Dailey since Reid wasn't a girl. I am sure I still have some of the monogrammed stuff in the attic...ha!!

  6. I love boys names used for girls!

    Elliott... Maybe Elliott Gray?

    Ryan.... Ryan Mae, Ryan Anne?

    FUN! Good luck!

  7. Jacqueline?
    Laurali or Loreli (the German type of spelling)?
    Fiona? (but it has the "ah")
    Jane? (as a middle)