Tuesday, January 3, 2012

100% a Mom Now.

This post is picture less because I care. You're welcome.

Otto was tired early today (or so I thought), and I was grateful because I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon during his normal nap time. How perfectly this was going to work out! Ha. Ha. Ha.

Two days ago, Otto learned how to take off his diaper. He is very proud of this new skill. See where this is going?

I put him down for his nap and he immediately went to sleep. At least I assumed he did, not a peep over the monitor, super quiet for 40 minutes while I got ready and worked out an insurance issue over the phone. As soon as I finished getting ready (make-up for the first time in a week!) a little sneeze followed by 'I was never asleep' talking came over the monitor. Hmm...what was he doing absolutely silently? The mess I opened the door to is almost unexplainable.

Poop everywhere. The floor, the wall, crib, sheets, and lovey. Everywhere except the clean and dry diaper in the corner of his bed. AND HE HAS HIS FINGERS IN HIS MOUTH! He wasn't concerned, just looked at me with a 'Hey Mom, guess what?' expression.

A bath (had to carry him to the bathroom practically by his ears, poor guy was covered!), a bleached bedroom, and a frazzled Mommy later we are almost ready to head to the doctor's to check on his younger sibling.

Never again will I put him down for a nap in just a t-shirt and diaper. Please join me in praying over the germs I'm sure he ingested?

PS: Mom, the airplane sheets didn't make it. And Chris? A video monitor for the next one, okay?

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  1. Welcome to motherhood. Mine was an explosive one in D's truck on the way home from Dallas. Everywhere! The gas station in Canton still has our photo above the counter...we are banned. We had to sell the truck ... it was that bad!