Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jenny's Baby Shower

Woohoo! This will finish up all of the January posts IN January! Now if I could just fold the mountain of laundry on the couch my life would be pretty caught-up...

One of my college roommates, Jenny, is expecting a little boy in April. Her sister hosted a baby shower for her last Saturday and I was so excited to go. Even though Jenny and her husband Forrest live in DFW they are over an hour away and so I hadn't seen the pregnant version of Jenny yet. She is super cute, and we totally rubbed bellies and compared bellybuttons. (Mine wins, and Dos is a month younger than her little man...eek!)
The pregnant girls at the shower--Me, Jenny, and Christy.
Jenny's older sister, Christy, is expecting too, due in July. Tammy was excited to be the 'skinny' sister currently. I think it's fun that these little cousins will be so close in age.
Jenny, Tammy, and Christy
The shower was great, lots of family came, and Augie (Augustine Ransom--love their name choice!) received lots of things that he'll need. His great Aunt (I believe) made two adorable quilts that will match his nursery and make wonderful play mats. I loved all of the handmade things, I think they make the best gifts. His soon-to-be Aunt Seguin made the cake and it was delicious.
A few more shower guests. Leigh blogs too and has an adorable six month old named Ellie. She also takes beautiful pictures in the Houston area if you need a photographer!
Leigh with Ellie, Jenny, and Stuart
It was great to spend a few hours with other mommies and old friends while Chris and Otto had manly bonding time. And bond they did...Chris made the unfortunate mistake of putting Otto down for a nap without pants and had a repeat of the mess we dealt with a few weeks ago. Poor Daddy! Needless to say, neither of us will forget to make sure he's fully dressed from now on. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Korean Weldy's are back in Texas!

Daniel, Jackie, and Addison are back from Korea! This time they are back for good, and will be moving to a base here in Texas (!!!) in February. They are using their saved vacation time to spend a little time with family.
We drove down for a brief visit on Friday, Chris was anxious to see this little girl (and her parents!). He really is quite the softy when it comes the Addison, I can't wait to see the number our little girl does on him.
Sweet Addison decided against napping all day and was quite the trooper, but you could tell she exhausted by the end of the day.
She and Otto played really well together. They are five months apart and similar in coloring and size, most people would assume twins at first glance. Both are really into dirt and digging right now; their clothes were a mess!
All of Lisa's babies! Reverse age order (from left to right) Daniel, Angela, and Chris.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

East Texas Days 2, 3, and 4

I'm making an attempt to catch-up the blog.

The remainder of our week in East Texas, post computer crash, was great. Otto had a fantastic time:) He LOVES his aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

There was lots of trampoline time, playing outside, feeding the animals, and park time.
My family has had their trampoline since I was eight or nine, and surprisingly the mat hasn't had to be replaced. Sadly, it succumbed to Michael's terrific weight and he stepped right through while show off his moves.
While Otto loves all dogs, and animals for that matter, but he has a special love for little dogs. Tanner is his idea of the perfect size:)
He helped Michael feed the animals, and was so impressed that they come running when you shake the food bucket. He also made sure to tell each animal what sound they make:)

We took several trips to the park, Lindale has a couple of great parks that are super kid friendly. Before our first trip we stopped at Sonic for Happy Hour. Everyone got a drink so of course Otto needed one too...he had water but was so excited to be just like everyone else.
We went with the intention of feeding the ducks, but they weren't interested in our offering of white bread so we fed it to Otto instead:)
He loved having Michael and Abbey chase him around the jungle gym; they are more fun than Mommy at this point.

And dirt. He is a huge fan.
On Thursday night my parents came home from their trip and on Friday my Mom watched Otto while I attended a continuing education class in Tyler. I'm doing my best to finish all of my license requirements before Baby Dos gets here. Saturday we had lunch with Chris' parents and sister before coming home. Otto was so happy to see his Papa (Nana and Lala too!) and was being super silly.
Okay, we're going to the park to enjoy this beautiful day, more catch-up later.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Great Name Debate.

Long time no see! I have excuses. I planned to post every night while at my parents (home now) to keep Chris updated on our days but sadly managed to fry the hard drive in my computer on the second day...like completely fried, wouldn't even turn on, bad. Chris is a genius and has fixed it for me, but it's like having a new computer and everything needs to be reinstalled:( And I left my camera cord in Lindale. I'm so collected these days it's not even funny. So how about a picture-less post until I can get it together?  

This naming business is flat out hard. Chris and I tend to be procrastinators by nature so having a name picked out months in advance really isn't our style. We went to the hospital with several choices, but only two real competitors with Otto and that's probably what will happen with Baby Dos as well. But we need to get a move on and come up with some options! Girl names have always been hard for us, help please?

Here are our criteria: (ish)
We aren't into super frilly, girly names. Things that end in with an 'ah' sound or a 'y', don't really appeal, more direct names seem to attract our attention. Our preferences seem to be more androgynous with traditional spellings, something everyone is familiar with but not using. We don't want her to be Emily W. all of her life. (Nothing against the name Emily, it's just been in the top ten for too long. Also, Emily Weldy is a little repetitive on the y endings.) Nothing new or made up, we like names that have been around for awhile.

Our current list of possibilities include: 

First Names: (Number is where the name ranks in the top 1000 baby names in the US last year.)
Meredith: "protector of the sea" 603, dropping in popularity over the last ten years. This was our girl name with Otto, still love it. Our only difficulty is finding a middle name that fits. Possible nickname of Merry.
Merritt/Merit: "little famous one, deserving of good fortune" Not in the top 1000 names. New to our list, really growing on us. (I think we are liking 'M' names?) Different, but known. Would need a more feminine middle name because of it's gender neutral status. Could be nicknamed Merry just like Meredith. (How would you spell it?)
Vivian: "full of life, vibrant" 158 and climbing. Great meaning, feels a little old school, but trending up again. (Maybe too fast, boo.) Brings to mind a confident, happy person to me. Chris might not be as sold on this one. Possibly ruined by Angelina Jolie.

Middle Names:
Grey: "grey-haired" Not ranked. Love this. And Chris is completely behind Meredith Grey, but I just can't do it because the lead character in Grey's Anatomy has the same name. Five years from now it most likely won't matter, but it does right now and I just can't do it. Sadness, because it pretty much fits our 'ideal name' specifications.
Anne: "favor, grace, prayer" 608. Simple, classic, I like it a lot. The only problem is it starts with a vowel and for a girl who's last name most likely will change in the future, initials are important. They would be MAW or VAW, but could change to just about anything, some not so pretty like MAR, VAT, MAD...see where this could go wrong? (This is also my mother's middle name.)
Tess: "variation of Theresa meaning harvester" 810. Simple and to the point. I'm not sure I like the way it pairs with Merritt, seems to flow together when you say the full name.
Afton: "unknown" River in Scotland referenced in the poem 'Sweet Afton' by Robert Burns. Also made into a song by Nickel Creek (Chris's favorite band). We both really like it but again, it starts with a vowel which makes it difficult to pair with our current first name choices.
May/Mae: "kinswoman" Mae is 988, May isn't ranked. Too much if she is actually born in the month of May? Love the simpleness and antique feel.

Weigh in and give your honest options on what names mesh well together or don't? And new names to add to the list! Anything that you think would fit our 'style' would be great!  (This is your chance to voice your opinions family! After she's here its final:))

PS: Otto dumped an entire bottle of water on himself while we were driving home from the park this afternoon. He thought it was HILARIOUS that his jeans weighed five pounds and was laughing while he walked (waddled) into the house to change. Such a boy. He also lost the use of his hands this morning and had to eat his snack of almonds and raisins like an anteater.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

East Texas Week Day 1

We are in East Texas for the week. My parentals are in California livin' it up and so Otto and I came to Lindale to crack the whip (ha!) and keep things functioning. First thing on the agenda was to get Michael a haircut...he was looking a little shaggy after winning our gender reveal contest. His poor hair has gone from blonde to blue to green to a strange orange shade over the last few weeks. (Seriously Dad, what were you thinking letting your child be such a rebel?!;))

Otto set a good example and went first. He showed Uncle Michael that if you are brave and have a dum-dum there it's easy breezy.
Otto really does terrifically, everyone in the salon always comments on how calm he is, makes me happy! I can only imagine how traumatic it would be if he didn't enjoy it:-/ We'd probably have a long haired little boy running around. (Just like my parents! Haha!)
Michael was a little suspicious of our intentions...he thought he was just getting a trim but Otto talked him into a full cut!
Almost done, such a handsome little man!
Proof that Michael really got his hair cut! (Sadly, the after shots were blurry, I'm sure there will be one posted later this week.)
And a side note, Otto has decided that this is how he will be riding in buggies now. I'm not sure where he came up with this idea but he thinks it's the best thing ever. Now we just have to work on staying in the sitting position:)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lydia the Pregnant Lady {Twenty-four Weeks}

 Happy dance! 24 weeks is that all important 'viability' date! This little peanut would have a fighting chance if she decided to come out. (Please don't though baby, okay?)

The Highlights:
How far along: Twenty-four weeks. Six months, wow!
How big is baby: A cute little ear of corn, somewhere over a pound. 
Weight gain/loss: I've tossed my scale in the closet, because it apparently stops measuring accurately at about ten pounds over my happy weight. My OB says I'm up 16 pounds, which feels about right according to the fit of my pants (tight!). I'll just be updating weight after in-office weigh-ins from now on. It's just too depressing otherwise.
Maternity clothes: Yes, most shirts and the belly band is starting to not cut it anymore...I feel the full blown maternity pants coming soon. 
Stretch marks: Yes.
Sleep: Exhausted at night and fall asleep easily but waking up early...which is lame!
Best Moment of the Week: Getting to wander the girl aisles at Target!
Movement: Still so strange. The full body flipping always weirds me out, it's the most bizarre feeling! And you can see it from the outside now. 
Symptoms: Heartburn...yeouch! Also certain joints are starting to melt, if I sit in one position too long I kind of stagger a bit when I get up until things loosen up. I have not  been doing thigh presses but it sure feels like it.
Food Cravings: Cooked tomatoes hate me. Even washing a dish they've been on makes me squeamish. Also not handling sweets well anymore, the heartburn is back:(
Gender: A girl! 
Labor Signs: Random Braxton Hicks, but not many. 
Belly button in or out: The top half is pretty much out.
What I am Looking Forward too: All of it? Girl clothes, working on her room, getting BIG! (The bigger I get the closer we are to meeting her!)
Daddy: Actually brought up names this week! We've been talking (a little) about her name, but nothing is for sure yet. We're in the ideas stage for sure. If you have any suggestions we'll take them!
Otto: Cutest little boy ever. He's really turning into his own person lately and has decided that books are awesome  and wants to read all the time. (I'm so happy about this, we were starting to think he didn't enjoy fiction like Chris.) He also learned how to spin in circles, 'float' on his back in the tub, and jump off the dining table bench. (from his bottom thank goodness, he's acts like he's on a slide.) He has been loving his baby doll, always asking for her when he wakes up:)
Man, being pregnant with a girl is so different than a boy! It's baby everywhere and not in a good way!

Otto is also doing a GREAT job feeding himself, tonight we had spaghetti for dinner and he actually ate it! (Because he was feeding himself...it obviously tastes better when the hand holding the spoon isn't Mommy's. And the big spoon is also preferred, we do have little people spoons he just doesn't want to use them.) He also knew that I was videoing him and does a trick;)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Park, Pizza, and Pictures!

We had a great slow day at home today. Lots of down time and some playing in the backyard.
Otto LOVES his Dad and thinks he is the funniest thing around. (Chris was making crazy faces behind me.) He is also into being big and wearing Daddy's things, today it was his safety glasses and yesterday it was Chris' boxers as a hat.
Look at those chompers! Otto got 16 teeth over the last year, I am so happy that we get a little break before the two-year molars come in. (hopefully!)

We picked up pizza (Otto says 'piz-za, piz-za', always twice:)) for dinner after a stop at a new park that the munchkin and I discovered this week. Otto was so, so excited to see the play ground equipment and took off running as soon as his feet hit the ground.
He immediately went to the tallest slide and slid right down, almost flipping over the side! Mommy and Daddy are fuddy-duds so we moved to the little people side of the jungle gym.

This guy loves slides!
Love Chris' face in this picture, Otto is trying to throwing himself down the slide and Daddy is putting on the breaks!
The swings were also a big hit. (The light was fading and he was moving quickly, picture quality goes down.)
They tried the merry-go-round, which Otto thought was great. It was hard to catch them, they were moving so qucikly! Otto stumbled around like a little drunken sailor when they stopped:)
I love this stage so much, he is just so much fun right now. Everything that we do is new and exciting! Poor kiddo burst into tears when we had to leave:(

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ultrasound Results! (Take Two!)

So, after yesterday morning's lovely disaster we went to our twenty-two week check-up on Baby Dos. (We even made it on time!)

Baby Dos checked out wonderfully, which was a relief. At the first ultrasound there were a few things that concerned our obstetrician (and us) but thankfully everything looks perfect now! Our little munchkin is somewhere around a pound and two ounces!  

And there were a few late entries into the "Be the First to Know, Send me Embarrassing Pictures to Post on the Internet" contest. Great pictures too! Abbey and Michael definitely won:)
They painted themselves pink and blue, corresponding with their guesses, and Michael even dyed his hair blue! (My poor Dad was not impressed and had him try to cover it with brown with resulted in green. Can't wait until Otto is a teenager!) This entry, even though late pretty much rocked and they were the first people we called with the news:)

Here's another peek at our LITTLE GIRL! Isn't she beautiful?!
Sucking her thumb again! She punched the ultrasound wand and immediately put it back in her mouth, this one is definitely my child!
We are so excited that Otto is going to have a little sister, we think he will do a wonderful job as a big brother. He's been practicing with his dolly:)

Yay for Team Pink! Bring on the girl shopping and room decorating!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

100% a Mom Now.

This post is picture less because I care. You're welcome.

Otto was tired early today (or so I thought), and I was grateful because I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon during his normal nap time. How perfectly this was going to work out! Ha. Ha. Ha.

Two days ago, Otto learned how to take off his diaper. He is very proud of this new skill. See where this is going?

I put him down for his nap and he immediately went to sleep. At least I assumed he did, not a peep over the monitor, super quiet for 40 minutes while I got ready and worked out an insurance issue over the phone. As soon as I finished getting ready (make-up for the first time in a week!) a little sneeze followed by 'I was never asleep' talking came over the monitor. Hmm...what was he doing absolutely silently? The mess I opened the door to is almost unexplainable.

Poop everywhere. The floor, the wall, crib, sheets, and lovey. Everywhere except the clean and dry diaper in the corner of his bed. AND HE HAS HIS FINGERS IN HIS MOUTH! He wasn't concerned, just looked at me with a 'Hey Mom, guess what?' expression.

A bath (had to carry him to the bathroom practically by his ears, poor guy was covered!), a bleached bedroom, and a frazzled Mommy later we are almost ready to head to the doctor's to check on his younger sibling.

Never again will I put him down for a nap in just a t-shirt and diaper. Please join me in praying over the germs I'm sure he ingested?

PS: Mom, the airplane sheets didn't make it. And Chris? A video monitor for the next one, okay?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

We spent New Year's Eve here at home and had a great day. According to Chris, we will be starting the New Year off right each year by ushering it in with work...I was hoping we would start a tradition of napping, but oh well. ;)

We raked leaves in the back yard--Otto helped with the raking and bagging, but wasn't really impressed with jumping in the piles. I tried to encourage him by hiding a ball in the pile but he just gave me a scornful look and fished it out. Maybe next year!
 Otto is still recovering from his head cold and hasn't been eating well at all. (Like barely enough to sustain a humming bird for the last three days, but managed to out grow his size 4 diapers?!) We tried to tempt him at lunch with an odd variety of foods. He eats better for Chris so Daddy helped him take bites. (Today he did much better, hopefully the trend will continue!)
After lunch Otto spent a little snuggle time on the couch watching Yo Gabba Gabba while Daddy and I got started on reorganizing the garage. Thankfully he has started to enjoy DVD's, it's has made it a little easier to handle this cold. (Chris and I can sing ALL of the songs.)
We spent most of the afternoon in the garage separating garage sale items, putting Christmas things in the attic, and rearranging to make more space to get in and out of the cars. Otto was trapped in the pack'n'play most of the time and he was not amused. He was more interested in running down the street (half dressed, he sheds clothes as the day goes on) than cleaning however, so in the pack'n'play he stayed.
Chris also got to try out his new saw, cutting trim to frame the builder mirrors in the master bath. Hopefully we'll get them glued on and painted tomorrow!
That evening we had black eyed peas and corn bread for dinner. (And for lunch today, I love them!) Otto got his finger stuck in a thermos and was a little nervous that it might be permanent.
Thankfully, Daddy came to the rescue with the vegetable oil. (And you can see, Otto immediately was fine and wanted the thermos lid back. Crazy kiddo.)
We're still working on our goals for the new year, there will be a lot of change in the next few months and we need to prepare!