Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Otto at 16 Months

Otto is growing so fast. It's hard to believe he is already so close to being a year and a half! The last month has really been big for communication development. He started using the signs he knows again after a few months of boycotting. Mainly with people that he doesn't see everyday, but occasionally he will sign more or want to us as well. He copies just about anything you say or tries to...He has his own version of I love you ("Eyyyye la!"), can tell you your facial features and includes the names (Eye, mao, nose, ears), can say Mommy but doesn't use it unprompted, he can however, say 'tandee!' (candy) and does every time he sees me sneaking around with M&M's. He also has started using 'poon' for his favorite thing, spoons.

We tried finger painting last week, which wasn't as big of hit as I thought it would be...something about being told every three seconds not to eat the paint was a turn off for him;) Maybe in a couple of months.
He was, however, very interested in painting the refrigerator, so maybe an easel would help?
He is desperately trying to learn to jump and has every thing down except actual liftoff. He squats low and then straightens quickly to an attention position complete with the 'Wow, I did it.' face. So very cute. One of the things I need to get on video.

Brooms are still one of his best friends. Yesterday we were cleaning up after lunch when he and his buddy decided to get comfy on the couch. (I ran for the camera because he was actually holding it in his lap and giving it hugs, but he had propped it up neatly by the time I had the camera ready.)
He loves to be big. Anything you can do, he is sure he can do as well. :) At breakfast he always makes sure to check to make sure his bite isn't hot before eating it, blowing on it just like we do. If we are sitting on the couch or at the dining room table, he wants to as well. Thankfully, he is starting to understand that standing on the furniture isn't allowed and will 'sit like a big boy' with a grin on his face. He helps when getting dressed and can get his arms and legs into footie pajamas. (But not out yet!)
Male bonding time with Daddy
These last two pictures were taken before Halloween, (i.e. pre-haircut fiasco, and immediately following the catch Mommy's finger nail with your face accident) but I wanted to post them so they aren't lost in the files on my computer.


  1. The frig art is awesome! I Love to hear Otto talking, it is so sweet! Thank you for the up-date, I was missing all of you tons and I feel better now. :)

  2. Home is a little like heaven on earth. I remember the homemade play dough days when at least one of you were trying to eat it. Everything was non- toxic around the place for a good reason : ) Otto is a sweetie!