Thursday, December 22, 2011

Neighbor Visit

We have a very sweet retired couple that lives next door. They think Otto is the greatest (such good taste!) and don't mind at all when he decides that their front yard is better for exploring than ours. Last night they brought him a Christmas gift and we had him open it while they were over.
He was a little hesitant to open it at first, I think he sure tearing the paper would be a no-no, but he quickly got the hang of it with a little encouragement.

A race car! Woo!
When he realized that the car was motorized he stopped unwrapping the gift and started trying to take it out of the box:) Jay picked it out because he knows that Otto is an adventurous little boy and enjoys big kid toys; for kids three and up! It lights up and does several different sirens while the back tires spin. Dianne was super sweet and made sure to bring spare batteries;)

He LOVES it! It was the first thing that he looked for this morning and while I was making breakfast he introduced it to his bff, the broom. I think it's a keeper! Thanks Jay and Dianne!

(Working on a 21 week post, hopefully it will be up tonight or early in the morning! 21 weeks, the downward slope!)

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