Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lydia the Pregnant Lady {Twenty-two Weeks}

Twenty-two weeks, dang. That makes me hungry. 

The Highlights:
How far along: Twenty-two weeks, in case you missed the first two mentions in this post.
How big is baby: Eleven inches, almost a pound. And according to BabyCenter, the size of a spaghetti squash...but that would be a really skinny spaghetti squash in my opinion.
Weight gain/loss: My morning scale says eight pounds. I'm sure the one at the doctor's office would say thirty; it's mean like that. (And honest.)
Maternity clothes: I got down the box, and it's now sitting on the closet far I've only used the belly band and transition jeans. (You know, the pair you bought post baby as you slowly shrank to a new normal? Or was that just me...)
Stretch marks: Yes.
Sleep: Hard to fall asleep this week, but sleeping like a rock when I do!
Best Moment of the Week: Feeling this little person move!
Movement: Picking up a little. Chris got to feel it too! (On Christmas Eve's eve, our little family's Christmas, so perfect timing!)
Food Cravings: Nothing particular, cooked tomatoes have been hard to handle this week as well as milk products, a little of the nausea returned but definitely handlable.
Gender: Feeling girl, simply because I physically feel so different this time.
Labor Signs: Nope.
Belly button in or out: Getting more obvious by the day. Chris tries really hard to not looked grossed out when it's visible through my shirt.
What I am Looking Forward too: Finding out what we are having!
Daddy: Getting ready, not for the new little person we're going to be living with very shortly, but for classes that start for him in a few weeks. (He's going back for his Master's, yay Chris!) He's a first born and gets tense over things like tests and studying...not me! I loved school because of all the new pens and notebooks that came with it. That's why we've decided that Otto is a second born, not a first. Can't have him stressing over the small stuff!
Otto: Sadly caught a cold when we got home from East Texas. For the last few days he has eaten all of about three bites:( I'm pretty sure you can see him loosing weight poor kiddo. We've tried just about everything to entice his appetite but he's just not hungry. Hopefully he'll recover quickly and start eating again soon! And to add insult to injury his last canine just broke through today. (Bottom right, the left came in the day we got home from Thanksgiving.)
And just for fun. We're at that strange stage of pregnancy (heck, it's all strange) where your stomach muscles can't decided if they are going to tough it out or just give up the fight. Depending on the time of day my profile varies from the above picture to one of these:)
Left: Sucking it in with all my might. Right: Completely relaxed. Even my face looks fatter:(

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