Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lydia the Pregnant Lady {Twenty-one Weeks}

The Highlights:
How far along: Twenty-one weeks!
How big is baby: Three quarters of a pound, about the size carrot in length.
Weight gain/loss: Somewhere between 5-10 pounds up, depends on the time of day I weigh...mornings only from now on!
Maternity clothes: Belly band is back in use, because while my pants still button they are very, very uncomfortable.
Stretch marks: I should just delete this section, there is no way they are going to go away...but then, they could always get worse...
Sleep: Better this week. 
Movement: A little more powerful over the last few days. I was driving home and questioning exactly what I had eaten, there was some painful gurgling going on...then I remember I'm pregnant:) Apparently Baby Dos is not a fan of the seat belt infringing on his/her space and was letting me know with a roundhouse kick to my intestines.
Food Cravings: Today I've been jonesin' for Wheat Thins and cheddar cheese...there aren't any in the house and I am NOT going to the store for them; holiday shoppers are crazy!
Gender: Leaning more girl lately? When Otto gets to invasive with his belly button poking (belly buttons are his thing right now) the baby kicks him. I'm just fine with his younger sibling learning to defend itself early.
Labor Signs: Occasional Braxton Hicks, but trust me people...they aren't labor!
Belly button in or out: Hanging in there...barely.
What I am Looking Forward too: Christmas with our families!
Daddy: He's chill. Keeps those emotions locked down. The only real reaction I got out of him this week was when I told him I needed to have a good cry, that scared him a little. (I took a nap instead, all good.)
Otto: Proving to be more and more of a little boy every day. Still has no idea of what is about to happen in his world. Today while I was getting ready he was running around the bathroom brushing his hair, hiding my toothpaste, typical morning routine. In the mirror I caught him sneaking towards the toilet and quickly reminded him that that is a no-no. He grinned at me and ran in the other direction. I thought we were in the clear...I should know better. We finished up and headed out the door to run a few final Christmas errands. When we got home it was lunch and nap time for us both. I didn't go back into the master bath until after two pm where I found this: a brand new, fully saturated roll of toilet paper.

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  1. Hahah Otto is hilarious. :) & look how adorable you are! So very excited for you!