Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lydia the Pregnant Lady {Nineteen Weeks}

The Highlights:
How far along: Nineteen weeks!
How big is baby: Half a pound, about the size of a large tomato.
Weight gain/loss: According to my scale, up about five pounds. In a week! Yikes. Maybe it's broken...
Maternity clothes: Still avoiding.
Stretch marks: Definitely not going away:)
Sleep: Comes and goes. Not very restful right now, crazy dreams and insomnia are kicking my butt.
Movement: Sporadic, at least once a day though, which is very reassuring. Still very light and short in duration.
Food Cravings: I really, really needed a Dr Pepper this week, in desperation I tried the caffeine free version. Eh, it worked to kill the craving but the blood sugar crash that followed was terrible! Truly isn't as good with out the caffeine:(
Gender: I took several online tests today (getting ready for tomorrow) and they all said boy. We'll see!
Labor Signs: Nope, nope.
Belly button in or out: Oh, it's out. There was one day this week you could see it through my shirt.
What I am Looking Forward too: Tomorrow! Anatomy ultrasound.
Daddy: I think he's excited for tomorrow too:) First time he'll get a peak at this baby which is always fun, and then he gets to have lunch with his main peeps! And get this, he gained five pounds too! Woo! (Either that or the scale really is broken.)
Otto: We went to Target this week to pick up a few things and wandered through the toy department. Otto is getting a baby doll as one of his Christmas presents (to practice his nurturing skills). Sadly our search didn't go that well, the only doll he didn't bite in the face and then throw on the floor was, get this, the Cabbage Patch doll dress as a puppy. Yeah, we might need a whole lot more practice than I thought. He's getting a sibling not a dog. 
In other news, tomorrow is the big day! Somehow we were able to schedule our twenty week appointment a week early AND we have an anatomy ultrasound before we see the obstetrician:) This is going to be the first appointment that Chris has been able to make (fingers crossed that his work schedule doesn't change!) and we are taking Otto with us. I am super excited!

This pregnancy has had some differences from Otto's, but that's the only indication I've had that this could be a girl instead of another little boy. (More controllable morning sickness, no weight loss at the beginning, this baby is less active...) But then all the differences could just be because I've done this before and my body has wised up a little, who knows? We'll hopefully find out tomorrow! (And either way we'll be thrilled, healthy baby is the goal!)

And one more picture just for fun, Otto and his trusty hairbrush:)

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  1. 2 totally different pregnancies mean nothing. I carried low w/one boy and high w/my other boy. I was sick for one trimester w/my first boy, and sick for 9 months w/my second. I don't believe in old wives tales. They are just that.