Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lydia the Pregnant Lady {Eighteen Weeks}

The Highlights:
How far along: Eighteen weeks baby.
How big is baby: Five and a half inches head to rump, roughly the size of a bell pepper.
Weight gain/loss: Still holding steady at normal weight. Not quite sure how this is, I've already moved up a pant size for comfort but my rings are loose on my fingers. So my hips are expanding but I'm loosing weight in my hands? I guess my fat just shifts around like that:-/
Maternity clothes: Not yet. But like I said above, normal clothes are starting get a little tight.
Stretch marks: Still large and in charge.
Sleep: Great once I fall asleep, but it's difficult to actually get there. Darn you pregnancy insomnia!
Best Moment of the Week: Feeling this little person move!
Movement: Yes, four or five definite times in the last week. It's strange to me how I felt Otto at 13 weeks but this little one seems to be taking it slow. Chris thinks we might get our cuddler, but I'm thinking home skillet is using the placenta as cover. 
Food Cravings: Not this week, sadly the nausea made a slight come back so less was sounding tasty this week. But no where nearly what it was in the first trimester so I'll take it!
Gender: Leaning girl this week but only because I have a great room plan.
Labor Signs: Less Braxton Hicks which is great because they feel so strange.
Belly button in or out: Freaky hard and pronounced when I'm standing. So, so weird. And it's starting to pinch itself closed, also strange.
What I am Looking Forward too: Finding out what we are having!
Daddy: In the zone. Working, tolerating my crazies, and even brings up baby names without being prompted. (Maybe he realizes that it takes us longer than the average couple to decide and we need to get a move on?) Hasn't gained back a single pound, darn him.
Otto: Hilarious. So much fun. If you tell him not to walk on Mommy's stomach because there is a baby in there he just smiles and says, "Puppy? Woof, woof!" He loves babies, but I'm sure if you gave him a choice between a sibling and a puppy he choose the dog.
Frizzy hair, zero make-up, and under eye bags brought to you by a really, really long day. And insomnia.


  1. You look fantastic!! Hope I look that great when I am growing a baby!!

  2. Frizzy hair, zero make-up, and under eye bags is what you say but I don't see that, I think you are beautiful!

  3. With age comes wisdom. When Otto is older he will pick the sibling .....
    You're a pretty Momma and fun too !