Friday, December 30, 2011


Mass amount of pictures from Christmas with our families!

We started our Christmas celebrations on Friday, Christmas Eve'e eve, with presents and a slow day together at home. Otto's reaction when he woke up was perfect. When I carried him into the living room he let out an impressed, 'Wow!'. He did a great job opening his gifts and I think the favorite of the day was his baby doll, he loves her!
Blurry, but look at that face! He was so excited!
On Saturday morning we drove to East Texas and spent Christmas Eve with Chris' family at Angela and Justin's house.
Angela and Justin
Opening his stocking
Nana and Papa
Otto styled his puppy jammies and opened even more presents and enjoyed delicious food.
Cars! (The smaller the car, the louder the little boy sound effect)
The desk that Nana made him! Perfect for coloring.
On Sunday we got up and drove a few miles down the road to my parents house. All of my siblings and my Dad's parents were able to make it in and it was great to get to spend the day with everyone. My camera battery gave me fits the entire trip and wouldn't hold a charge, at this point I gave up and borrowed all of these pictures from Michael. Thanks buddy!

There were even more presents for the munchkin and more food for me! Otto wasn't really into the wrapping paper this year, he was much more excited about what was in the package! He only tore off enough to see what was in the gift:)
Styling his new shades from Stuart
Kyle and Sarah
Uncle Israel in his gilley suit. Otto wasn't so sure about it.
Presents! (My Nana in the background)
Hannah and Samuel (Only picture I had of you guys, sorry!)
Yes, we're a 4-H family:)
Baby Dos was there too!

Hope your holiday was as great as ours!

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