Thursday, December 15, 2011

Afternoon on the East Side

Yesterday Chris was able to leave work after lunch and we took a trip to Richardson/Frisco. My parents were spending the day with my grandparents and we stopped by to say hello too. 
My Dad and his sister Becky with Otto
Otto was quite a trooper for having missed most of his nap, and was very busy exploring my grandparents house and yard (in the rain!). If we had stayed any longer I'm sure he would have figured out how to open the front door, he is almost tall enough.
My sweet Gaw-Gaw has had a rough couple of days but was feeling much better and thought Otto was very amusing. Otto, sadly, wasn't into posing for pictures. This is as good as it got:
Gaw-Gaw, my Mom, and Otto
But most looked like this:
Or this:
Otto with his Great-Nana
We spent a few hours chasing Otto around their house before heading to Ikea. A few things on Otto's Christmas list were available in store only. Chris humored me and I wondered the entire store instead of going directly to the kids department, such a fun place to explore!

After Ikea we got to have dinner with Dave!
Otto was worn out after our late night (got home at nine! Late for us;)) and slept until 8:45 this morning. While I've been working on this post he has eaten his breakfast and gotten ready for his day, complete with shaving his peach fuzz. (Using one of Chris' old, now blade less, electric razors.)

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