Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Today Was A Great Day!

We had a busy but great day!

It started with a delivery from Lowe's; we have a new washer and dryer!!! I am so excited! Can't wait to see how well they work, our old set had really started to struggle with getting things clean.
Otto was pretty surprised to see people in his house when he woke up but enjoyed watching them install the new washer and dryer while he ate breakfast.
He is sooo impressed with the new toys. He keeps shutting himself in the laundry room to admire them. Pretty funny to hear a little voice coming from behind the door saying, 'Wow!'.

After running a test cycle to clean out the factory gunk and for our entertainment, we headed out the door for an appointment to check on Baby Dos! Sadly, Chris got stuck at work so Otto and I went alone. He was so great while waiting, I was so very proud of him. My doctor was on call today and had delivered a baby in the morning that put the whole schedule behind. After waiting for an hour and forty minutes we finally got to see the nurse because my doctor was called away again! But it was totally okay, I didn't have any real questions for her and Otto was a champ while waiting--and I totally wouldn't want her to keep seeing patients if I was ready to deliver!

Here's a recording of our little one's heartbeat! Adorable right? (And squirmy! All the static is movement.) (And don't laugh at the weird image, YouTube wouldn't let me upload just the audio file and I didn't realize the picture had a person in it until it was too late.)

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